2016.12.04 Sunday Morning Twitter Quickies

Twitter IconGood morning,

Here are some of the popular tweets in my morning feed.

My Reaction: The video is about a boring as watching water based paint dry on a 100% humidity day. The idea is that a bunch of people have been telling Trump to say ‘happy holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas.’ My biggest disagreement with the video is that it made it seem like Obama is the one who took the Christ out of Christmas. That honor go the atheists and people who refuse to fight for God.

My Reaction: Robert De Niro, thinking he a real life mobster, has an angry rant against Trump. Bobby calls him names and threatening physical violence. Should this get De Niro some time in jail for threaten an almost sitting president?

Anyway he did this video near the limited release of his new movie ‘The Comedian.’ No one really liked it. The attached article indicates its karma. I think its De Niro recent bad acting and selection of bad scripts. At least its better then his other recent great epic ‘Dirty Grandpa.’

My Reaction: TheRightScoop.com – Too many ads. Saturday Night Live (thats still on?) made fun of Trump’s tweets. So Trump tweeted back:

Nothing really exciting to see here other then Trump could let an insult go by. Sorry Mr. President-Elect I don’t find your tweet endearing in anyway.

My Reaction: Ha! Sorry, no deep analyse.

My Reaction: This really isn’t new news. The biggest news is that Trump sent out a stream of tweets restating his previous stances and attacks. Maybe he’s trying to hit up the Sunday morning political shows news cycle?

My Reaction: I’ve been avoiding this topic but I might as well get hip deep into this mess. PizzaGate is based on a series of emails between Podesta and others. Inside a selection the emails are odd framing that contain keywords and phrases used by both pedophiles and prostitutes. Most of the people involved in Hillary’s campaign has at least one email filled with these references. So far no charges have been leveled based on this material.  But there is a LOT of conjecture on what this means after Trump takes power.

Here are a few links on the matter: