Keith Ellison for the DNC Chair?

This is a hot button conversations right.  Since Obama has taken the presidency the Democrats has lost several states and national election.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz has left the DNC in shambles. The party is falling apart.  So to try to get some momentum back the Democratic National Committee is looking for a new chairperson with fresh ideas.  They’ve found Keith Ellison.

Keith Ellison has tossed his name in the the ring.  Be had several racist comments about how white people kill anyone who is brown, red or yellow skinned. And hsi white skinned brothers are killed by  white skinned people as well.  These are not accusations.  Here the video proof:

One corollary that could drawn from Keith Ellison’s comment is that black people never kill white people or other brown people? Just by opening a Chicago newspaper we know that isn’t true.  This is just what a KKK skinhead would say just with races reversed. I have placed Ellison’s statements on par with the KKK.  This is just insane to consider any racist for this position.

Democrats lost the elections in large part because EVERYONE is tired of being a called a racist. People are tired of race based rallies that turn violent. People want to just live their lives without fear of being labeled because they didn’t follow some unwritten rule associated with a label.

People don’t want a divisive man what just spreads unfettered hate. They want a uniter. Not a crazy man who delights in race-based politics. You don’t think he enjoys spreading hate? Look at these screen grabs from just a few month ago. Look at the huge smile and soften eyes.  He’s loving every minute he has the floor spewing his garbage.


If the DNC brings this guy on as the next chairperson they will lose another elections cycle and further the culture of racial violence we see on the nightly new too often.