Bernie Sanders is the “Shadow President”

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As Donald Trump travels the country on his “Thank You” tour, appearing at large rallies, Sanders is on what seems like a shadow tour. It’s interesting to consider that Sanders, proven a big draw like Trump, could occupy a sort of “Shadow President” role after a divided election that saw the Democratic candidate win the popular vote over the President-elect.

From what I can tell Bernie is turning into a more couth version of Cindy Sheehan. He’s going follow Trump where ever he goes to get his message out.

Bernies plan is to follow Trump’s initiatives and talk about he would do it better. This is genius. It keeps his face and message out among the people in a positive manner. If his health holds out (he is 75 years old now) he may have solid shot at a serious at then next presidency. Otherwise he could use this time to preen his successor for the next presidential.

You have to admit, Bernie is a 100x more likeable and trusted the the Clinton dynasty.  I might even think about buying his just to hear his side of the story.

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