EU and China to stand against Trump trade changes

Here is what is going on.  President Trump wants the US out of a lot of bad trade deals.  Both the European Union and what is becoming what I call the Chinese Federation (thanks in part to the anime Code Geass.)  Both are failing because of currency manipulation and funding countries that refuse to manage themselves properly.

If the United States pulls out of those trade deals I estimate each union will lose about 10-25% of their overall revenue.  I personally think that if the EU pays Greece another bailout they will start looking at merging with the Chinese Federation.

As its ties with its largest trade partner the United States are becoming increasingly uncertain, the European Union (EU), relying on international trade to keep its economic recovery on track, is looking to China.


The post-Brexit EU is seemingly in a perpetual crisis, and with US President Donald Trump now in the White House, trade protectionism remains a big worry for many. It can safely be concluded that transatlantic trade deals are currently on the rocks.


Last week, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said the bloc is ready to stand with China in the fight against protectionism. “If others around the world want to use trade as a weapon,” she said, “I want to use it as a tonic; a vital ingredient for prosperity and progress.”

Source: Tactical Investor
EU looks to China amid transatlantic trade uncertainties

Greece too little to fail?

It appears that Greece is about to go bankrupts, again.  They have received a bailout already but aren’t doing the deep cuts in services needed to stay solvent.  Also Greece isn’t following the European Union’s plan to get out of debt which means they’re not eligible for the second scheduled infusion of (digital) cash.

So why isn’t Greece making the cuts?  Here is why:

It seem as if we have been here before: the euro zone fretting that a crisis with Greece will balloon out of all proportion while the government in Athens says it will not impose one euro more in cuts on its austerity-battered public.


Cue a euro zone finance ministers meeting in Brussels.


There are differences this time from two years ago when a battery of “last chance” meetings over a new bailout brought Greece to the brink of bankruptcy and default – and threatened the euro zone with its first dropout.

Source: How Do You Say Deja Vu In Greek? – One America News Network / Reuters

The people don’t want to give up their social programs.  Greek politicians don’t want to lose their cushy government jobs and benefits by upsetting their constituents.  So the EU now has to make a hard decision:

  • Admit they Greece is a failure and cut them off until they grow up and start making the hard decisions.
  • Expunge Greece from the EU altogether and admit in part that the EU does not work as the socialist paradise it’s built itself into.
  • Pay Greece another payment (and digitally print money in the process) to cover up the fact that the EU and Greece is a failure.

The first two options are the best overall but come at huge costs to the EU structure.  Cutting Greece off from cash will be like watch an addict go through withdrawal.  But when they come out the other end they’ll be better for it.  That will force the EU to restructure itself and become stronger in the end.

Removing Greece from the EU will be the same as isolating a group of people with swine flu who refuse to take vaccines and other medications.  There will be deaths but they ones that survive will be stronger and wiser.

The EU would again have to restructure itself. The EU would have to pull back on its total control and services offers.  Countries would have to become more autonomous.  The EU would become less of a controlling entity and more of a trade negotiation union.

Covering up Greece’s non-compliance just kicks the problem down the road and inflates a bubble that is going burst over all of Europe and eastern Asia.  I’m sure some countries like China and Russia are drooling at the thought of assimilating some countries into their fold.

Greece isn’t going to make the make the needed cuts as long as it’s sugar daddy, the European Union, keeps paying the Greek’s bills.  Someone has to make to make the hard choices before the rest of the world pays the price.

Mom’s Social Security canceled after someone reported her dead

Source: WTVR CBS Channel 6

The past month and a half has been a true struggle for Shirlene Dietz, a mom from Chester who relies on her social security check to pay all her bills.


Dietz, who has a disability, was blindsided when the check stopped coming in January. But she was mortified when she found out why.


“When I called social security the man said, yes it has been reported that you are deceased.

Bikers For Trump: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bikers For Trump: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Thousands of pro-Trump motorcyclists have taken to Washington, D.C. this week for the inauguration of 45th president of the United States.


The bikers, who have been following Trump since the early days of his campaign, hope to counter the anti-Trump protests that have been planned for Friday and Saturday. The group started small but now consists of about 200,000 members


Here’s what you need to know about the group.

1. They Attended Many Trump Rallies Throughout the Campaign


Those who followed the Donald Trump presidential campaign closely probably recall seeing Bikers for Trump at least one or two rallies; they were also at the Republican National Convention.


During the campaign, the organization attended Trump rallies as a kind of counter programming to the numerous anti-Trump protests. On its website, the group says that its goal is to “promote and coordinate Bikers for Trump rallies and events nationwide and to inform voters on issues confronting America. To connect patriotic bikers with the sole purpose of electing Donald Trump President of the United States.”


They also say on their website that they “denounce protesters being paid and provided untruthful propaganda and encourage bikers from around the United States to attend Bikers for Trump rallies in a peaceful manner.”


Donald Trump frequently accused his protesters of being paid to be there throughout the presidential campaign, but there was little to no evidence of this actually happening. An article on titled “Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out: “I Was Paid $3,500 To Protest Trump’s Rally” was shared on Facebook thousands of times during the election season, but this was from a fake news website that is unaffiliated with ABC News, and the story was made up.


In the days prior to the inauguration, more stories began to spread on Facebook that protesters were being paid to disrupt the event. This was once again not true.

2. They Say They Are Prepared for Physical Confrontations With Protesters


Mark Connors, a country singer and member of Bikers for Trump, told WUSA9 that the group will not seek out confrontations but that they are ready to clash with protesters if necessary.


“We have made the decision that when those people come, we are going to stand face-to-face with them, eye-to-eye, toe-to-toe, shoulder-to-shoulder with my brothers,” he said.


The group’s founder also said that they do not want to agitate anyone.


3. They Say They Are Prepared to Form a ‘Wall of Meat’ to Block Protesters


Bikers for Trump has also said that they are prepared to form a “wall of meat,” which would block anti-Trump protesters.


“In the event that we are needed, we will certainly form a wall of meat,” the group’s founder, Chris Cox, told Fox News. “We’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers. And we’ll be toe-to-toe with anyone who’s going to break through police barricades.”


However, Cox also said that he expects a “peaceful transition of power” to occur and that he does not “have any reason to believe that we’re going to have any problems.”

4. It Was Founded by Chris Cox in October 2015


Bikers for Trump was started by Chris Cox 15 months ago.

Cox says that the organization was formed in October 2015, with about 100 bikers going to a Trump rally.


“Bikers for Trump started as a result of the outspoken nature of Donald Trump and the bikers’ frustration with the direction this country was going,” Cox told Fox and Friends. “We’re a force to be reckoned with. We’re a political phenomenon.”


5. They Have Been Personally Thanked by Donald Trump

President-elect Donald Trump is very much aware of the motorcycle group, and he has thanked them on numerous occasions, including giving them a shout out as recently as during his January 19th inauguration concert.


Chris Cox said earlier this month that President-elect Donald Trump called him to thank him personally.


“Believe it or not President Elect Donald Trump just called me to thank all the Bikers for Trump for all their hard work,” a post on the group’s Facebook read. “He’s instructing his staff to give us the resources to put on the best rally possible.”



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NY Times Goes To Great Lengths To Defend Comet Ping Pong Pedo Suspects, For The Second Time!


The New York Times is out today with an op-ed by Alexandra Zapruder (granddaughter of that Zapruder), who took it upon herself to vehemently argue that #Pizzagate is nothing more than a dangerous alt-right conspiracy theory promoted by “online terrorists.” This is the NYT’s second article defending Comet Ping Pong in three weeks. It’s also full of inaccuracies and completely fails to address the subject matter.

Oldie but Goodie: FCC Fines Man for Not Having an Unobtainable License

Source: Common Law Blog

The FCC stopped sending out CB licenses decades ago – yet the lack of one triggered a $15K penalty.

The FCC fined a man named John Hays $15,000 for operating a Citizens Band radio without a license.


Wait a minute. You don’t need a license for a CB radio. Well, okay, technically you do, but it’s not something you have to apply for. Everybody with a CB radio is automatically deemed to have one. The FCC calls this “license by rule,” a legal fiction that simplifies life for everybody. Including the FCC, which long ago got tired of licking stamps to send out actual licenses.


But if CB licenses are automatically granted to all CBers, how could Mr. Hays get in trouble for not having one?

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Donald Trump Forced to Surrender Android Phone for Secure Device

Source: Variety

Donald Trump, set to be sworn in as President of the U.S. on Friday, has relinquished his beloved Android smartphone for a Secret Service-approved encrypted device, according to reports.


Now that the mogul-turned-president no longer has his civilian phone — which was a Samsung Galaxy, per a New York Times report — he may be unable to use Twitter as frequently as he has to date. However, Trump has claimed he will continue to tweet from his regular  handle as well as the White House’s official @POTUS account. (President Obama’s tweets will be archived at a new account, @POTUS44, maintained by the National Archives.)


Trump’s new secure phone has a new number that is known to only a few people, according to theTimes. The president-elect told an associate Thursday that he had given up his previous Android device, per the Associated Press.

Gove’s ‘snowflake’ tweet is symptomatic of the nastiness that’s ruining politics | Jamie Bartlett

Twitter storms, online spats and insults are making it impossible to talk to one another and reach the compromises on which public life depends

There’s a new consensus about what social media is doing to public life: it’s making us meaner to each other. From behind a screen, we have the licence to be nasty to strangers, insult celebrities and swear at politicians. It’s fuelling misunderstanding and catalysing the spread of fake news. And because of self-reinforcing algorithms and the logic of friendship networks, we’re all cocooned with like-minded people and news we already agree with.

Cyber-psychologists have known all this for ages. In 1990, the American lawyer and author Mike Godwin proposed a natural law of the behaviour of Usenet newsgroup conversations: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.” In short, the more you talk online, the more likely you’ll be nasty; talk long enough, and it’s a certainty. (Godwin’s law can easily be observed today on newspapers’ online comment threads.)

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Source: The Guardian
Gove’s ‘snowflake’ tweet is symptomatic of the nastiness that’s ruining politics | Jamie Bartlett