Green Party Sad They Have To Pay For a Recount in Pennsylvania

Whats going on in Pennsylvania is that there is a certain margin of votes that have to be reached before a recount is triggered. Pennsylvania has not hit that level. So for there to be a recount the Green Party would have to put up a $1,000,000 dollars bond for the labor in the event the election results do not change for the winning candidate. The Green Party does not want to put up the money. So they’re filing a federal lawsuit to try to force a recount for free.  Even though it cost them to file the suit.

In the video above a representative for the Green Party did what I would call an ‘impromptu presser’. It looks more like a two or three local reporters caught him on the street after filing the lawsuit.

The reason I think its was not planned was because the representative was asked repeatedly for specific examples of voter fraud. The representative, who did not give his name in the video, could not produce a single incident of fraud in Pennsylvania. Instead he went into allegory that votes are kept in a room with a thousand doors and no security.  So he didn’t seem to have any sympathetic or softball questions that full presser would have.


This guy is a shill. He seemed more excited that he was getting attention from the press then the fact that his case has no merit.  Read on to see why I think his case has no merit.

In Pennsylvania the Green Party only got 1% of the presidential election vote. A recount will not affect their outcome unless they get about 43% more votes.Green Party Logo

So why demand a recount at all? Two main reasons come to mind:

  1. They want the publicity – But its bad publicity. Everyone wants the election over and let the wounds heal. The is going to just tick people off more a more. When the next election cycle hits this is going to be brought out and bite the Green Party in the ass.
  2. They’re acting as a proxy for Hillary – There is no way this recount will profit the Green Party. They can’t get the votes they need to win.  But who would profit from the recount? Hillary if the state’s entire election results are invalidated due to an untimely reporting of the election result from the recount. It would narrow the margin of victory for the Democrats

I believe that the Green Party is taking the PR hits for Hillary to try to invalidate the election results. Many of the Green Party’s votes cross back and forth on environmental issue with Democratic Party.  So I would make sense to try to get someone into office that at least partially along with the Green Party’s religion.

Also this is being used to sew the seeds to move away from the electoral college so that the top 10 biggest cities can decide all the future federal elections. It easier to campaign in a few big cities then a whole nation.

Finally the Green Party is bankrupt. This was a hard fought election and the coffers are dry.  I think foreign entities are funding the Green Party to continue the chaos of the election to slow down or stop the administration transition.

In summary if the Democrats had filed this recount this would make sense. But the Green Party only got a full 1% of the vote in 3 states. This recount doesn’t make sense unless there’s a secondary agenda.

To paraphrase President Obama ‘(Green Party) stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes.’ Oh wait, you couldn’t.

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