1 out of every 266 voters in Michigan could have lied about their identity

More than 18,000 people completed write-in votes without proper ID in Michigan. So there is little or no way to identify if these voters are real and valid. About a third of those votes came Detroit.

Why is Detroit such a focal point?

Detroit in its preparation for the recount that Jill Stein was pushing for showed how corrupt the city really is. Detroit reported a third time more votes then the voting machines have recorded. Also the poll books, those paper books where people sign to verify their signature, are missing from at least 100 locations in Detroit.

Oh, by the way, Detroit supposedly voted 95% Democrat. With the margin of victory had Trump and obvious voter fraud: how can the 95% Democrat turn-out be trusted? First I say that after the inauguration Michigan has a full recount and audit. Next other Democratic strongholds like Chicago needs a full audit. All of these irregularities seem to only happen in extremely liberal Democratic cities.

This standing corruption needs investigated and prosecuted as soon as possible.