The Drug Ecstasy May Soon Be A Legal Treatment for PTSD

MDMA Molecule The drug MDMA, commonly called Ecstasy, has just been OK’ed by the Food and Drug Administration for a Phase 3 trials for the treatment of PTSD. About 30-40% of the people treated for PTSD don’t respond to conventional therapy. The concept is to give MDMA in a controlled setting. The sufferer is allowed to feel euphoria for possibly the first time in years. They are monitored for any averse reaction.  Most individuals treated this way show positive sugns of recovery in 3 treatments.


As sufferer of PTSD I know how anything at time an environmental stresser can trigger a PTSD episode. The episode does not have to be a grand event like you see in a war movie. Rather episode are usually the recall a negative memory or feeling that just overwhelm you.  Then you’re left with the fear what will trigger the next event.  Thus raising your stress level and making you susceptible to the episode.

Generally an episode only last 10-40 seconds but it leave you tired and fearful that another episode will hit again. This wears you down to were you can’t feel anything but negative emotions.  At my worst I would have done anything for a few minutes of euphoria. So I can see this as solid therapy for people with PTSD.

I will never condone this as an out of office treatment. While the drug itself is not addictive the idea I could feel good with little to consequences would leave it wide open to abuse. Also the fact that if abused you will become even more depressed then when you took MDMA in the first place.

So I will cheer this on as an inexpensive and safe treatment in a clinical setting. But if an irresponsible doctor or nurse sends those pills home they will be eaten up like candy. Those will be the people responsible for a second renaissance for the Ecstasy drug trade.