How Geena Davis is fighting for women in popular culture

What she fighting for: better representation of women in media is great. But the idea that boys become more sexists as they watch male oriented media is ridiculous. Its not the amount of the media, it’s the quality of the media. You eat garbage, you turn to garbage. Its up to a parent to decide what their children watch and does not watch. Which ultimately decides what the kid will become. The same holds true for adults. What you was watch you will become.

You need to change the hearts of the people consuming the media. What they pick to view is what Hollywood produces.

BTW: Geena, you still look great. That not sexist. That’s a compliment.

‘We judge our value by popular culture’: How Geena Davis is fighting back for women

By Tracey Holmes

The Oscar-winning actress accuses Hollywood of exporting a “not-very-good image of women”, and is working behind the scenes to bring gender balance to American films and TV shows.