Brian the dog on Family Guy gets kicked out of his life for a stupid tweet, sound familiar?

Tell me if you’ve heard this before: someone makes a comment on Twitter and looses his family, his job, and or his freedom.  This pretty much happens to Brian the dog character on the Family Guy show.  He makes a stupid joke on Twitter and the entire town turns into a set of social justice warriors.  To keep their family safe from the radicals that are terrorizing them the Griffins through Brian out.  It end with the Brian eat budget store mac and cheese in a low rent apartment.

With the thought provoking show The Orville and this episodic arc for Brian I hope Seth MacFarlane is stepping away from his lowest common denominator humor that most of his recent television outings have degrading into.

Family Guy fans are not happy with ‘sad’ Brian Griffin twist: ‘That ending was depressing’

Brian is no longer the Griffin family’s dog, and it’s sad. This Sunday’s [12 November] episode of the Family Guy season 16 ended with the dog living in a run-down apartment eating macaroni and cheese, all alone.

In the episode, Brian sends out an insensitive tweet, which immediately goes viral, causing an angry mob to attack him and the Griffin family. Louis and Peter become outcasts, with the entire town shunning them for Brian’s actions.

Source: International Business Times UK