Greek Finance Minister Says We Agreed To Bankruptcy Terms, Do Not Ask For More

Greece FlagGreece is starting to break even on it’s fiances.  Many of its creditors see this and want more of their debt paid off sooner. Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos is happy with the progress, but is letting the country’s creditors an the IMF they are not going outside the original agreement.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) wants to join the euro zone governments. The reason stated that they want to join euro zone is to work on the Greek Debt Crisis. But of they join, the IMF want to debt reduction deal renegotiated for Greece to pay more faster then they already have.


If Greece doesn’t renegotiated the deal the IMF will not join the euro zone governments. The European Union is running out of money with Brexit and many many poor economic decisions. I believe if this IMF deal doesn’t go through the EU will be dissolved within 10 years.

I would look for Greece to start getting shorted on its current trade and security deals. Tsakalotos may also have an unfortunate accident as well. I would also look for terrorism to rise.

We’re not talking about a city block here, we’re talking about an entire continent falling apart. When the stakes are that high strange things start happening.