2016.12.05 Monday Morning Twitter Quickies

Twitter IconHere is the best tweets I found this morning and my reactions:

Opinion: Um, radical Christian bishops are the largest know group of suicide bombers? Or maybe someone on high in the UK is getting complaints from a certain persecuting Muslim faction and neither the UK government or the Islamic extremist want the bad press.

Opinion: This movie just looks bad and generic. This is the worst cash grab since the movie 9 Live.

Opinion: Its funny because Ben Carson is black and wouldn’t be a white supremacist and Donald Trump isn’t really a KKK supporter. See, I know some people don’t get the idea that Trump is an equal opportunity opportunist. He doesn’t care about skin color, he just wants people who will get him the most profit and approval.

Opinion: I don’t know how real this is but I love it! I am going to have to look more into this one.  You have to watch the video.  Also, I love the professional shirt he’s wearing.

Opinion: I’m going to quote the first line of the article:

Downing Street has ordered an investigation into the how a memo sent to senior civil servants to warn about the consequences of leaking information was passed on to journalists within days.

Ok, there’s a bunch of points in this single line:

  1. You’re investigating a memo that was leaked about leaking memo’s
  2. What were you expecting when your memo is basically nothing but threats?
  3. People get scared so they want an insurance policy for their jobs. In this WikiLeaks culture you do this by getting this kind of crap out in the open.
  4. How naive can anyone be to think this isn’t going to let out something that has international ramifcations?

Opinion: There are no solar flares going on today. Please feel free to remove your space suit today.

Opinion This is the kind of tweet I hate. A statement is made without any specfic reference to an event or data supporting the statement. This tweet could be referring to something back in June or just happened.  I don’t know if this is something specfic but here what I found from over the summer: