Right After Giving Birth, Mom Is Wheeled Into Elevator. Employees Hear Screams, Then Silence

Just moments after his wife gave birth, the husband heard a “loud blow”. That’s when he realized that his wife, who was being transported via a stretcher to another hospital room, had been “cut in half” by the elevator. She had just given birth at the Spanish hospital. The new mom, Rocío Cortés Núñez, was being taken to the maternity unit at Valme Hospital in Seville, which is in southern Spain.

The woman had just gone through a C-section before the horrible situation happened. The new mom did not survive the terrible accident that literally divided her body into two.

While on the stretcher, Rocío Cortés Núñez was being pushed into the elevator. That’s when it happened. The elevator suddenly started moving without the stretcher being put all the way into the elevator.

Rocío Cortés Núñez was only 25 when she lost her live at the hospital. She lived in a smaller town called Dos Hermanas, which is outside Seville. She died while being transported between the second and third floors of the hospital.

She had just woken up from her C-section, which is a traumatic surgery alone, and was going to finally get some rest in the maternity ward. That’s when the freak accident happened.

“We heard a loud blow in the elevator,” her husband Jose Gaspar said.

Gasper had been married to the victim for four years and works as a restaurant server. He is outraged as he grieves the sudden loss of his beloved wife.

“This cannot end like this. This time it has been Rocio but tomorrow it could be another person. I’m a total wreck.’”

The newborn baby was not on the stretcher with mom when the accident occurred.

This was not her first baby. She is the mother of two daughters who are three and four years old.

The hospital employee was transporting her on the stretcher to her third-floor room after she woke up from the Caesarian section anesthetic. She was groggy at the time of death.

The young mother was not fully in the elevator when it started moving. But the doors had closed and her head became trapped.

Marina Alvarez, a regional health minister, said the elevator made and “unusual movement” which trapped the young mother. The worker tried desperately to remove her from the stretcher and save her life. But it couldn’t be done fast enough.

The newborn was going to a different hospital room because she needed to be treated for a heart condition. She is now responding well although she is still in the Virgen del Rocio Hospital in Seville as of Monday.

For two hours, firefighters tried to free Rocio’s destroyed body after the tragedy happened at 2:30pm on Sunday.

Witnessed called it “something out of a horror film.”

An anonymous hospital worker said, “If they hadn’t taken the baby to another hospital she could have suffered the same fate because they always put newborns on their mother’s breast, even when it’s been a Caesarian.”

Although first responders came as fast as possible, they could do nothing because the damage was irreversible.

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