Bob Barker Has Had Thousands Of Contestants, But Everyone Agrees Michael Is The Best

If you’re a fan of game shows, then The Price Is Right is probably one of your favorites. The show has been on the air for decades and has invited thousands of people onto the stage from its audience to play for cash money. Before Drew Carey took his dream job of hosting the show, it was Bob Barker’s program. People loved Bob Barker on the show for his quick wit and personable demeanor.

Barker was ubiquitous with the show for years. After he retired from the program, the adage rang true – “the show must go on,” and Drew Carey picked up the torch.

However, we have a great clip for you from the good old days of The Price Is Right with Bob Barker. In the six-minute clip, you’ll get to see contestant Michael as he gets people laughing and proves to be one of the most entertaining contestants to ever appear on the game show.

As the video uploader SIKE writes, “Michael is probably the funniest contestant I’ve ever seen go on the show so far.”

The reason that this man stood out from the remaining batch of contestants, according to viewers on YouTube, is that he likely has autism or Asperger’s syndrome. While it is possible he is on the spectrum of autism, Michael is still able to play the game and do very well at it too.

Viewers who related with Michael indicated how “this makes me proud to be an Aspie! Weaponized autism. Deploy!”

“He has Asperger’s. He’s socially awkward, takes the sarcastic jokes literally, watches the show every day and memorizes the brands and prices of everything. It paid off.”

Another writes, “Autism is a superpower.”

“As a man with high-functioning autism, I commend this man.”

“I spotted that also. I freaking love Michael! He’s very special. Super brilliant, huh?”

Other people contributed more comments that showed how much they adored Michael from the video.

“This dude booked a two-day flight just to go win the Price Is Right and then go home. Man of the century.”

In response, a viewer wrote, “I would love to see a film about this. This five-minute win then an hour twenty of him taking it all home and spending the money in the way dumb and dumber style! Or even about the journey out there and getting on the show with the big win at the end.”

Another viewer commended Bob Barker for his causal attitude rather than being annoyed with the contestant.

“I love how Bob just rolls with him and is appreciative of him rather than acting annoyed.”

As you watch Michael play the game, what thoughts run through your head?

Michael later told Statesville Record & Landmark that being on the show was the best day of his life.

“I was just shocked. I couldn’t believe it,” Michael said about being selected.

But he admitted that he had an intuition that he would make it, “I didn’t fly 2,500 miles to get a consolation prize.”

Michael was a life-long fan of the show. And the way he played the game proved that.

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