Hillary still whining about Trump’s victory in 2016 election – She really won don’t ya know?

Hillary Clinton questions ‘legitimacy’ of Trump’s victory in 2016 election

One year after losing the presidential race, 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is still questioning the “legitimacy” of President Trump’s victory, accusing Republicans of voter suppression tactics in swing states and Russians of influencing votes through a “disinformation campaign.”

“I think that there are lots of questions about its legitimacy,” Clinton said of the election during a video interview posted online Friday by the liberal Mother Jones website.

Clinton lamented how “we don’t have a method for contesting” the election in the United States and called for an independent commission to “get to the bottom of what happened.”

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Hillary, baby, honey,

You lost. We have a way of questioning the “legitimacy” of President Trump’s victory – its called the certification process. They all certified Trump. You call also pay for a recount. You still lost. You’re going to jail soon. Get over your loss and enjoy your freedom while you can.