Israeli Parliament Debates Bill Promoting Kurdish Statehood

Israel’s parliament (Knesset) has reportedly discussed a bill that explores ways through which the Tel Aviv regime can help the Kurds establish an independent state supportive of the regime within Syria, Iraq and Turkey, where anti-Israel sentiments run high.

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The enemy of an enemy: Will the Kurds benefit from shifting American alliances? – AEI – American Enterprise Institute: Freedom, Opportunity, Enterprise

In the post-World War II period, US policy towards the Kurds has been shaped by external factors rather than Kurdish arguments for their own autonomy or independence. While shifting strategic relations in the region present some new opportunities for the Kurds and while the precedents of federalism will be hard to reverse, the new reality in the Middle East will likely not translate into an official American embrace of Kurdish nationalism any time soon.

On 25 September 2017, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq sponsored a referendum asking those living in areas under its control whether they desired independence. While voter turnout varied across the region, the KRG reported that 92 percent of those who had voted endorsed independence. The aftermath of the referendum was disastrous for the KRG. Iraqi forces moved northward into territories disputed with the KRG, seizing among other areas, the lucrative Kirkuk oil fields. While U.S. officials had repeatedly warned the KRG not to proceed with the referendum, Kurds reacted furiously as the U.S. government essentially sided with Baghdad. “We have to revise our relationship with those who are responsible for this,” former KRG President Masoud Barzani declared, blaming the United States for giving Baghdad a green light for its post-referendum operation against the KRG. Frustration at lack of American support was a sentiment shared by many Kurds.

Neither Kurds in Iraq nor their co-ethnicists in Turkey, Syria, and Iran, however, should be surprised at the lack of the U.S. government support for Kurdish nationalism. In the case of Iraqi Kurdistan, in the days and weeks prior to the referendum, a number of U.S. officials opposed any Kurdish move towards separation from Iraq.

More broadly, United States foreign policy has historically been conservative. Successive administrations, regardless of political party, have prioritized stability and security in international affairs. American policymakers are traditionally loath to support secessionist movements, no matter how just their cause may be, nor pursue any policy which changes borders of existing countries.

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U.S. and Israel Should Recognize the Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide

Last week Turkey recalled its ambassadors to America and Israel. That decision came in response to Israeli forces killing 60 Palestinian protestors attempting to cross the Gaza border.

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Tribute to memory of Pontian Greek Genocide victims held in Yerevan

Armenian lawmakers, NGO representatives and members of national communities of Armenia visited today Tsitsernakaberd Memorial complex to honor the memory of the innocent victims of the genocide perpetrated against Pontian Greeks by Ottoman Turkey on the territory of Asia Minor in 1915-1923. As press service at Armenian parliament reports, on behalf of the legislative body of Armenia Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Eduard Sharmazanov laid a wreath to the monument of genocide victims.

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Syrian Family Finds Shelter, Job in Assyrian Church in Turkey

Neli Haddid, a Syrian Christian, has found shelter in Mardin’s Mor Petrus and Mor Pavlus Church, Mardin, Turkey, May 2, 2018. ( Murat Erdin)MARDIN, Turkey — Walking along the narrow roads of Gul Mahallesi (literally translated as the Rose Neighborhood), one of the central districts of the southeastern city of Mardin, one stumbles upon a small churc

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Turkey sees fall in sale of real estate

In April 2018, the volume of real estate sales in Turkey decreased by 9.9 percent compared to the same period in 2017 to 103,807 units of real estate, the Institute of Statistics of Turkey said in a message. During this period, 17,414 units of real estate were sold in Istanbul, 10,352 units of real estate – in Ankara, and 6,418 units of real estate – in Izmir.

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Body camera captures wild turkey leading police on chase

Police body camera video shows an unusual standoff and chase last month in the parking lot of a Cleveland shopping center. Police got a call about a wild turkey at the center and were told kids had thrown rocks at it and tried to run over it with bikes, according to WJW .

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