Mueller's Russian Troll Farm Indictment Could Face An 'Embarrassing Dismissal'

On Friday, a new report suggested that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s February indictment against several Russian companies and over a dozen Russian citizens could face an embarrassing dismissal. The 37-page indictment alleges that three Russian companies and 13 Russian citizens used social media and other means to interfere with the 2016 U.S. elections.

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Here’s How White Helmets Used to Get Funding

CBS recently reported, citing the leader of the controversial group, that the US had halted the White Helmets’ funding, which amounted to a third of the group’s budget. The Russian Defense Ministry has suggested it may be connected with the recent massive exposure of the White Helmets’ provocations and fake videos.

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The Hospital Refused To Care For This Newborn Baby And That’s When Tragedy Struck

Just a few weeks after birth Blayke started experiencing cold-like symptoms. Her family did the right thing because they didn’t want their five-week-old baby to suffer. Although she didn’t have trouble breathing, they wanted her better. So Tessa McAllister and Cody Hay took Blayke to the doctor. After the checkup with the trusted pediatrician, the doctor told them they had nothing to worry about.

They made it seem that they were just worried parents. And it was endearing. Doctors told them to take her home and help her rest, and she should be better in no time at all.

But Tessa and Cody thought the doctor was wrong. And their parental instincts were sounding. So they took the baby to another doctor. Dr. Jeffrey Hans, a physician they had trusted in their family for years. But he told them it was just a cold.

Although Blayke didn’t have any glaring symptoms, her parents knew that the infant was suffering from something more severe than a cold. And they refused to let their baby go without getting a proper diagnosis.

Blayke’s condition got worse. They took her to another professional and finally got the diagnosis they were looking for. The newborn baby was combating a respiratory syncytial virus or RSV. This virus can cause an infection that hurts the lungs and the respiratory tract. But from the outside, it only looks like basic cold-like symptoms.

If untreated or in severe cases, RSV can lead to bronchiolitis. And this is a serious condition that leads to hospitalization and the need for critical care.

When Tessa and Cody heard what their baby was diagnosed with, they did some research. And when they found that it could lead to bronchiolitis, they asked that the hospital admit Blayke and keep a close eye on her. Her condition was getting worse, and they worried that something bad could happen if they keep her at their home.

“My baby’s sick, and I don’t think I can do it. So I went, and I said that. ‘I don’t think I can take care of her at home,’” Tessa told CBC.

Eventually, Dr. Hans contacted the hospital on behalf of the worried parents. But the hospital did not want to make room for the sick infant. They told Dr. Hans that they were already over 20 percent capacity with all the sick babies in the city. They were forced to turn Blayke away.

“He called the hospital with me in the room, and the hospital said there was no room — for my dying baby. Dr. Hans said, ‘I’m going to discuss options with mommy, and I’ll call you back,’” Tessa said.

With the nasty flu break sweeping the continent, hospitals have been inundated with sick kids.  Dr. Hans suggested Tessa to take Blayke to the emergency room, so she had a better chance of being admitted. But he did not tell them it was life or death. Tessa didn’t take her to the emergency room.

The next morning, she found Blayke unresponsive. The parents tried to bring her back, but even the paramedics failed.

“Holding my dead daughter … I’ll never get that picture out of my head. I’ll never forgive myself for falling asleep. Because what if she did make a little tiny noise? That’s something I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life,” she said.

Tessa believes the hospital failed her. Do you agree?

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Abbas apologizes to ‘Jewish people’ for offensive comments, condemning Holocaust and anti-Semitism

Palestinian president suggested historical persecution of Jews in Europe was caused by involvement in money-lending, sparking protest from everyone from EU to Yad Vashem

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Just FYI, Mr. McCain: Any Cyber Attack Can Be Reversed – Cybersecurity Expert

Recently, US Senator John McCain has suggested that his country should attack Russia with its cyberweapons to retaliate for Russia’s alleged meddling in the US elections. Kevin Curran, a professor at the Cyber Security School at Ulster University explained to Sputnik why this is a bad idea for the US.

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We Took One Step Inside This House And Knew Why It Didn’t Have Any Offers (15 Photos)

I’m on the market for a single-family home right now for my family. We’ve attended some open houses, but most of the time, we search online and browse internet listing sites. We love looking at pictures and imagining our family living within the walls. After viewing some online listings, we’ve met real estate agents at the homes and toured them.

Often the pictures do the place justice and make it look bigger and better than it really is in person. We have yet to find a place that looks better in person than in the photos. But sometimes the images look great, and we ask our agent to see the place. And he laughs. Because he has insider knowledge and knows what the home looks like on the inside, he can save us time. And he isn’t afraid to tell us if a property looks terrible.

When agents balk at homes like this, you know it is a red flag. And it is going to be hard for the owner to sell the property. The same goes for a home that looks “normal” on the outside but once you step through the front door the only word to describe it is “weird.”

The property in these photos looks like any other home from outside of it. But once you step inside, you walk into an ice palace. With white décor and paint everywhere, it looks like a house the villain from Frozen would live in if they were real.

But the ice-palace inspiration is not the only thing weird about this property. On the dinner table, the owners decided to stage it with a pair of little men clinging to the edge of the glass table. This strange addition must have been the owners’ idea because no agent in his or her right mind would have suggested putting those figures there.

The kitchen is also home to some strange figures. Tiny men stand on the counter and near the stove watching whoever plans to cook dinner that day.

But the rooms continue to get stranger and stranger. And we understand, rather quickly, why the home has failed to attract any serious buyers. But anyone who is willing to invest a few thousand dollars redecorating could have a beautiful home to work with.

The bathroom has an ocean theme. When you step inside of it, you feel like you’re under the sea.

The home is adorned with strange features throughout. In a living room, the ceiling appears to be a crocheted pattern.

Personally, I don’t think I’d be able to sleep well in the bedroom. With that many statues “guarding” me while I sleep, I’d feel like I was not alone in there.

Without a doubt, the owner of this home was a collector of art. Their statue collection is rather impressive, but it probably is not helping sell the home. If they moved the artwork out of the house and into storage, the place would probably receive more offers.

It even has a basement!

We weren’t sure if the car came with the house or not, but by the time we got to the garage we knew this house wasn’t for us.

Would you want to live here?

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Giuliani puts the kibosh on Stormy ‘payoff’ claim, and throws Laura Ingraham for a loop

Rudy Giuliani dropped what many are calling a bombshell during an interview on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, saying that President Donald Trump paid back his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, the $130,000 paid to porn star Stormy Daniels.

And while Giuliani was adamant that the pay off didn’t involve campaign money, the revelation sent the left into a frenzy because Trump stated on April 6 that he was not aware of the payment — even Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, a former defense attorney, said “that’s a problem,” but is there a simple explanation that’s being missed?

In a panel discussion Wednesday night on FNC’s The Ingraham Angle, contributor Byron York suggested that Giuliani “may not have thought this whole thing through,” prompting an interesting reply from Ingraham.

“If you go on ‘Hannity,’ you better think it through,” she said. “I love Rudy, but they better have an explanation for that, that’s a problem.”

Giuliani told Hannity that the $130,000 payment was “perfectly legal.”

“That money was not campaign money, sorry,” he claimed. “I’m giving you a fact now that you don’t know. It’s not campaign money. No campaign finance violation.”

When Hannity asked if this was because the money was “funneled” through Cohen’s law firm, the former mayor said, “Funneled it through the law firm, and the President repaid him.”

But Giuliani would also say Trump “didn’t know the specifics” of the payment.

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., a participant on Ingraham’s panel, had a ready explanation that proved to be much closer to the truth, based on a later clarification by Giuliani.

“I don’t think somebody with President Trump’s income level writes all of his checks, you know what I mean?” he told Ingraham. “It would not surprise me if he authorized a payment and it gets lost in the shuffle. I know that sounds crazy perhaps on a certain level but here’s a guy with a massive income and he’s dealing with a lot of things.”

In a later interview with the Washington Post, Giuliani insisted the disclosure was no gaffe, saying he discussed it with Trump beforehand.

With the anti-Trump forces whipped into a lather over the possibility that Trump has been caught in a lie, Giuliani added more context to his comment with Fox News’ John Roberts — which is being described as “damage control” by the media.

“Rudy Giuliani told me that while reimbursed Cohen for the $130k SD payment, POTUS didn’t know what the money was used for. Giuliani says Cohen merely told the President he had “expenses” for which POTUS reimbursed him,” Roberts tweeted.

The payment is being described in the media as a “loan” because Trump reimbursed Cohen and anti-Trump forces insist it is related to his campaign, which will ensure wall-to-wall coverage.

But there’s so much vagueness in Giuliani’s revelation. In the end, it’s more likely to serve as another rabbit hole the president’s detractors will go chasing down in their quest to destroy him.

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THIS IS MSNBC: Network Speculates Trump Has Sexual Dysfunction, STDs

MSNBC has run at least two segments this week that speculated about President Donald Trump’s sex life, suggesting that he suffered from “sexual dysfunction” and that he has an sexually transmitted disease. The first segment ran on Tuesday, when an MSNBC panel mocked medication that Trump has reportedly taken in the past and suggested that he might be suffering from “sexual dysfunction” as a result.

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