Five Outrageous Ways the Federal Government Has Wasted Your Money (Pt. II)

The federal government is no stranger to out-of-control spending. The national debt has now reached a startling $21 trillion!

That’s not all: Congress recently passed an omnibus spending package that will cost $1.3 trillion. But wasteful federal spending doesn’t stop there.

The federal government has misused your money on various pet projects, both large and small, over the years. It’s time to expose this waste.

Read on to discover five more absurd examples of government waste, as described in Sen. Jeff Flake’s 2017 Wastebook report.

$1.5 Million Spent Studying Fish on Treadmills 

University of California – San Diego study spent a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to measure the endurance of mudskipper and bluegill fish on a treadmill.

Sounds like a fishy use of taxpayer funds!

While the National Science Foundation regularly gives grants to universities for research purposes, that taxpayer-funded research is best when it has some tangible benefit for the American people who pay for it.

$1.7 Million Spent on a Comedy Club Featuring Dead Comedian Holograms

The U.S. Department of Commerce spent $1.7 million to help construct a comedy museum in Jamestown, New York that will “resurrect” dead comedians – from Lucille Ball to George Carlin – in the form of holograms.

The holograms will perform in a basement bar for visitors of the National Comedy Center, as a way to attract tourists to Jamestown.

While tourists might chuckle at the holographic comedians, the $1.7 million bill for the project on the taxpayer’s dime is no laughing matter.

$3 Million Spent Studying the Jaws Theme and People’s Perception of Sharks 

In 2016, taxpayers funded a $3 million National Science Foundation grant to study the public’s fear of sharks in relation to the Jaws theme song and music played during documentaries.

Researches noted, “this study specifically highlights the need to raise the public’s awareness of the effect of background music in shark documentaries in hope that it would decrease the extent by which they are affected by it.”

With federal debt soaring, the feds should work to be better stewards of our tax dollars and ensure that every research project funded is a worthwhile use of those dollars. Spending $3 million to study the Jaws theme’s impact on shark perception is not.

The Department of Defense Spent $2.4 Million to Learn How to Get More “Likes” on Social Media  

The Department of Defense funded a $2.4 million study to “counter misinformation or deception campaigns with truthful information,” as part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Social Media in Strategic Communications program.

The researchers examined 1.1 randomly selected photos on Instagram and analyzed numbers of follower on social media accounts.

More than $2 million is a hefty price tag for taxpayers to spend on research that could (and has) easily been done by private groups.  

$3.4 Million Spent on Hamster Cage Matches  

Over the past twenty years, the National Institutes of Health has spent $3.4 million studying aggression and anxiety in more than 1,000 male hamsters.

The study, sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, involves pitting juvenile male hamsters against each other at Northeastern University in Boston.

Much like a hamster wheel, our national debt continues to spin out of control. It’s time for the federal government to stop wasteful spending on pet projects and use our hard-earned tax dollars in a more responsible manner.

While many of these examples may seem funny, wasteful spending is no joke.

The federal government has spent millions of your hard-earned tax dollars over the years on pointless projects, and the cost borne by current and future taxpayers only continues to grow.

Tell Congress to stop wasting our hard-earned tax dollars and cut wasteful and egregious spending as they write the FY 2019 spending bills.

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He Was Eating With His Family, But When He Noticed This Man Walking By He Ran For The Door

Craig Wells wanted to treat his family to dinner out at a restaurant one night. They made the trek to a noodle house called Wagamamas where the food was tasty and affordable. While Craig and his family were slurping down noodles, he looked up and saw something bizarre. Always vigilant because he is a protective dad, Craig’s antennae went on high alert.

A man was walking down the street outside. He was in poor shape and looked hopeless and lost. His clothing was ruined and disheveled. He looked like he didn’t have long to live if his life continued down whatever path he was taking.

But one detail stood out to Craig. And when he processed it, he started running for the noodle house’s door leaving his family behind.

The man, who appeared to be homeless, had no shoes for his feet. He wore socks, but the toes were worn through and hung out in the dirt. Although Craig was in the middle of a meal with his family, he abandoned them to help this stranger who was in a desperate situation.

“Immediately, I ran outside to catch him,” Craig said.

Instead of confronting the man, Craig approached him gently. He tried to make friends with him. But first, he had to start with something simple, so he learned his name, which was Mark.

Upon further questioning, Craig learned the hard truth about Mark’s situation and how he no longer owned a pair of shoes. When Craig asked Mark what size shoe he wore, he was stunned. It was the very same size that Craig had on his feet.

“Coincidence? I think not?” Craig later wrote.

Craig stripped his feet bare of his shoes. Then he gave Mark the pair, which happened to be Craig’s favorite pair he owned. But this man clearly needed it more than Craig did. The family man had more shoes at home. Mark had none to his name.

When Mark realized that Craig was giving him his shoes off his feet, he began to weep for gratitude.

“(He) gave me the biggest hug saying how nobody has ever been so kind.”

With his new pair of shoes protecting his feet, Mark continued to weep. And when Craig returned to the restaurant, he saw Mark from the window still weeping. The restaurant decided to continue to serve him despite being in violation of the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule.

After finishing their noodles and paying the bill, Craig and his family left the restaurant. He saw Mark lingering outside it. He hugged Mark again and then made sure he had shelter for the night. Craig also assured the stranger that God loved him and that he would be in his family’s prayers for the night.

“We got emotional and parted ways. I then proceeded to walk around Nottingham with just my socks on.”

Craig shared his story on Facebook in the hopes that his kindness would inspire other people to open their hearts to strangers.

“What I do want is people to recognize that love is the greatest gift we have been given. It was given to us freely and freely we should give it away.”

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Map of the Day: Every Historic Ebola Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Today’s map comes from the World Health Organization, which released this graphic to help put into context the current ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As you can see from this map, the DRC is no stranger to ebola outbreaks.

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Herpetologist Dedicated to Cuban Boa Research at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay

GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba (NNS) — Dr. Pete Tolson is no stranger to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This year marks a storied 50-year history of his interaction with the base. Tolson first came to the base as a Marine in 1968, and from his experience during his time …

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He Agreed To Get Hooked Up To This Machine As A Gift To His Wife, And Regretted It Immediately

Trying to get the perfect Mother’s Day gift is almost impossible. While flowers and a card are the classics, it doesn’t exactly scream, “heartfelt” the way that some other more thoughtful gifts could. So one husband decided to go straight to the source, and ask his wife exactly what she wanted for Mother’s Day. He clearly wasn’t prepared for the answer!

The Holderness Family is no stranger to viral videos, with over 250,000 Youtubers already following their family journey. But this episode for 2015 really captured the heart of their family and the love between them.

Penn was probably expecting his wife to ask for a nice dinner or a trip somewhere. But instead she decided to make Penn do something totally out of the box to celebrate her motherhood – experience it himself!

While a man obviously can’t become pregnant, science has come far enough that doctors can simulate the experience and the pain of childbirth. The purpose of this seems to be little more than wives trying to hold one over their husbands, but Penn was up to the task.

The doctor starts the procedure by ordering Penn to lay down on the table and put his feet in the stirrups. After just 5 seconds, he’s already looking pretty apprehensive about the whole thing.

“The uterus contracts, we’re going to get your rectus muscles to contract,” the doctor tells Penn.

“Where did that come from? This wasn’t part of the deal!?” Penn exclaims.

At first, they simulate early labor and Penn is already groaning in pain. This is the pain that occurs before a pregnant woman would even call the doctor.

“I don’t want you in my face right now,” Penn tells his wife.

Clearly he bit off more than he can chew with this particular holiday gift! Once the pain turns up to active labor level, he can’t even talk. He just shrieks in pain and keeps punching the pad behind his head.

“When I relaxed, I got better but when I was in pain, I just clench up,” he continues.

Pain is hitting a seven by the next stage, and his wife finally says that he can stop it. He did his best to experience childbirth, but apparently, this is as close as a man is going to come.

“I thank you very much for doing this. I feel very bad, I’m very sorry,” she eventually says.

The point is certainly made, because Penn now totally understands why his wife was mad at him throughout the labor process. Even though she was just calming him down, he still felt that she was causing the pain. While it was indirect, it’s an interesting comparison to the feelings a woman giving birth could feel towards her husband who is indirectly “causing the pain.”

Fortunately, women do have hormones like progesterone that help to aid in the pregnancy process so it’s not a perfect comparison. Penn definitely wins husband of the year for going through all that though!

What do you think of this unique Mother’s Day gift? Share in the comments!

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He Buys A Homeless Man Dinner. Moments Later, The Man Realizes Who He’s SItting Next To

It’s so interesting how human existence can connect in some unexpected ways. Johnny Cavazos experienced a connection that he never would have thought of when he set out one night to check on some properties his family owns. Johnny was driving a truck that belonged to his later father, who had passed away in 2015 and the vehicle meant a lot to him because his dad had left some personal items behind in the truck.

One of the properties, he found, was in need of cleanup, so he began putting the debris in the truck bed. That’s when he saw a man approaching him, walking with a limp and looking a bit worse for the wear. He offered to help Johnny with the task and told him he was homeless and hungry and had been sleeping in a church nearby, behind a statue of Mary, because he felt safe there.

The man had taken on some work, but wasn’t paid nor given food or water by the man who hired him. Johnny was happy to help this man, offering to take him to a nearby fast food restaurant for a meal.

While the homeless man initially didn’t want to go, showing Johnny that he only had a rosary and sixteen cents in his pockets, Johnny offered to buy the man a meal. Before unwrapping his food, the homeless man prayed and then offered half of his burger to Johnny.

Johnny talked with the man as they drove and the stranger noted that it was a nice truck he was driving. Johnny explained that it belonged to his dad and showed him a funeral card with his dad’s photo on it.

The homeless man studied the picture, even borrowing Johnny’s glasses to see it better, and became emotional as he recognized the man, Juan Cavazos Sr. and his wife Araceli. The couple had run the local pharmacy and the homeless man explained that, when he lived in Mexico, his daughter was dying and in need of medicine that was very expensive.

The man would travel across the border to the pharmacy, where the Cavazos helped him in any way they could, something he was extremely grateful for. The man and his wife had hoped to pay the couple back for their kindness and he was now emotional that he would never be able to repay the favor.

Johnny told him that his help with cleaning the property that his father owned without asking for anything in return was repayment enough, as he noted in a Facebook post about the encounter: “I explained to him that if my father were still alive he would not accept payment for what he did for him because my father and mother both are of the belief that when you TRULY, truly give… you are not to expect anything in return. And besides, I told him, as far as I’m concerned… you have already paid… tonight you helped me pick up someone else’s trash off of my father and mother’s property.”

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Marijuana & Guns, the Legal Risk is Very Real


Marijuana and Guns
Marijuana & Guns, the Legal Risk is Very Real

Ft Collins, CO –-( Marijuana, the Plot Thickens!

From a friend and lawyer:

“An inconvenient detail that is seldom mentioned in public is that 18 USC 922(g) states that it is unlawful for (3) a user of marijuana to possess ‘in or affecting commerce’ (who knows what that mumbo-jumbo means, except that the Feds firmly believe it means simply ‘to possess’) any firearm or ammunition.

No exceptions!

So, the issue is not simply that foolish marijuana-users CO or ME expose themselves to severe risk when they lie while filling-out a form 4473 (as you noted in your last Quip).

All marijuana-users (medical or ‘recreational,’ makes no difference, and it probably also makes no difference when and how much you used, nor even if you haven’t touched it for years) are liable for ‘selective enforcement’, when they are in possession of so much as a single round of ammunition!

Maximum penalty for violating 922(g) is ten years in Federal prison and/or a $250k fine, plus having all your guns and ammunition seized and never returned.

It seems American marijuana-users in a number of states have suffered the famous Chinese Curse: ‘Having your wish granted, without ever considering the implications!’

Will the current Administration, of some future one, send federal officers to CO and ME to kick-in doors and confiscate guns and ammunition from all marijuana-users, and then drag them all off to prison?

Probably not during an election-year, but stranger things have happened!

We have not seen the ‘last chapter’ in this story yet!”


Again, when even lawyers and judges are as confused with this state/federal law conflict as I am, I don’t feel quite so ignorant!

But in the area of personal advice, I’ve little doubt that I’m on firm ground when I strongly recommend that all Operators, and all other gun-owners, stay far away from marijuana and all other illegal drugs, in any form and for any reason, “medical” or otherwise.

All politicians are afraid of armed citizens. Always have been! Thus, any excuse to forcibly disarm large numbers, under any pretext, ever represents an extreme temptation!


Defense Training International, Inc

About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or in-actions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr. Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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