Here’s a concise timeline of Harvey Weinstein’s downfall in less than 8 months

Charmed actress Alyssa Milano encourages people on social media to use #MeToo if they’ve experienced sexual harassment or assault. It brings into the limelight activist Tarana Burke, the creator of the Me Too movement, who has been raising awareness …

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Nigerian Rapper Goes Viral with His Take on ‘This Is America’

Last week, a Nigerian rapper released his own version of Childish Gambino’s hit song and music video “This Is America.”

It’s called “This Is Nigeria” and was written and performed by lawyer-turned-musician Falz The Bahd Guy. Like the hugely popular Donald Glover song and video (Gambino is his stage name), the Nigerian version looks at harsh everyday realities.

In “This Is America,” the issues include gun violence, racism and the distraction of viral entertainment and social media. Falz’s lyrics and visuals touch on some of Nigeria’s major problems: poor electricity supply, drug addiction and government corruption. The video even features veiled Muslim girls to allude to Boko Haram’s abductions of schoolgirls in the northeast.

Falz performs in pidgin English, a blend of English and local languages that is widely spoken in West Africa. {snip}

Released on May 25, just four days before the 19th anniversary of democracy in the West African nation, the three-minute video has been viewed on YouTube 2.9 million times. The hashtag #ThisIsNigeria has generated tens of thousands of tweets. And the song has captured the attention of the American rapper Diddy, who reposted “This Is Nigeria” on his Instagram account, where it currently has an additional 2.2 million views.

Falz, whose real name is Folarin Falana, is not new to social commentary. His music often reflects the views of his father, Femi Falana, a popular Nigerian lawyer and human rights activist. Falz’s previous songs “Child of the World,” “Confirm” and “Wehdone Sir” tackle sexual harassment, Internet fraud and the rise of wealthy megachurch pastors.


Cultural critics like Joey Akan, a music journalist based in Lagos, are drawing parallels between Falz and Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti.

Until his death in 1997, Kuti also used music to criticize military dictators, corruption and other social problems. But his frankness and acerbic criticism came with consequences: He was arrested on several occasions, jailed and beaten by soldiers.

If anything like that were to happen to Falz, some of his fans say they’ll have his back.

[Editor’s Note: The video is available here.]

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It Took #metoo for Congress to Stand Up to Sexual Harassment

From former Senator Al Franken even all the way up the President himself, #metoo has put many males in positions of power under fire. For good reason too. Many men have taken advantage of their power, and our government is no different. Now this is not to …

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#MeToo Goes Too Far: Clip of Morgan Freeman ‘Harassment’ Mocked After Release

Late last week, Morgan Freeman became the latest Hollywood star to be hit with sexual harassment claims in the #MeToo scandals. CNN broke the story on Friday, with eight individuals accusing Freeman of inappropriate behavior and eight more backing up their stories. However, part of the story is coming into question after a video of…

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WATCH: Morgan Freeman Makes Creepy Sexual Comments To Women During Interviews

Newly unearthed video clips from “Entertainment Tonight” show actor Morgan Freeman making creepy sexual comments to women while on camera. The resurfacing of these clips comes just days after a report from CNN, which detailed allegations of sexual harassment by multiple women against Freeman.

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Alyssa Milano on Harvey Weinstein: We look forward to seeing justice prevail

Actress Alyssa Milano, who prompted the Me Too movement, has said she looks forward to seeing “justice prevail” after Harvey Weinstein was charged with sex crimes. The Charmed actress sparked thousands of women to share their own stories of sexual harassment and abuse after the first allegations against the producer emerged.

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These Hilarious Ads from The 1970s Will Have You Smiling For The Rest Of The Day

In this curated list of ads from the 1970s, you’ll get to see some of the worst things Madison Avenue ever created. Although the ads themselves are not necessarily very different, the products they’re trying to convince you to buy are exceptionally bizarre. You’ll see ads encouraging women to buy two-piece bikinis with avocado designs. While a Maybelline ad, which is sexist, urges women to have “strawberry kisses for Roger.”

Scroll through these ads and enjoy a good laugh on the bizarre decade filled with strange products.

For example, Cricketeer, a suit company, wanted to show its prospective customers that they could be very comfortable in their new suits. To do that, they hired a contortionist and forced the man to put his feet behind his head. The company wanted customers to know “anything you can do out of a suit, you can now do in a suit.” Did the ad help these suits sell? Doubtful.

The designers of the avocado bikini thought it sounded like a fabulous idea. “The California Avocado has always done splashing things for you. And now it puts you into an original print bikini for only $10.95. Just send your $10.95 check or money order, along with a small piece of avocado skin, and the $7.05-Off certificate below. Don’t forget to specify correct size and style and you’ll be a splash!”

And if you want to fall asleep next to your favorite celebrity or star, you could have purchased a portrait pill back in the 1970s. “Cuddle up with your dream date with your own portrait pill.”

Women’s products have been popular since the beginning of time.

One product called “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” sets a scene with a studious woman getting a compliment from a man in the library. While the scene would probably be considered sexual harassment in today’s society, the 1970s ad allowed this one through their rounds of review.

After complimenting her hair, the woman replies, “Shh! This is a library!”

“Okay, I’ll whisper it,” he said. “Gee, your hair smells terrific.”

She said, “I can’t hear what you said, but I think I like it.”

That’s most certainly a strange ad. But it was trying to appeal to a woman’s desire for compliments.

The 1970s advertisements give us a glimpse into a society that has changed a lot. Styles are different, and the way marketers try to sell us products is much different.

The pictures were shared on Daily Mail, which received the following comments.

“The 70 was the best decade ever. I wish I could go back there and never come back. The weather was great most summers and the music! The best music ever made was made in the 70s. Plus men were men and proud of it and the woman were stunning and grateful.”

A woman from Illinois remembers how great the shampoo was: “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific was the best smelling shampoo EVER. And the scent stayed in your hair all day. I really miss this product. I’ve heard it’s still sold in some countries but isn’t exactly the same.”

“But why in the world did you have to send in a piece of avocado skin in order to buy the bathing suit?”

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Ita Buttrose defends ‘harmless flirting’ amid MeToo movements

‘They’re not all b*****ds!’ Ita Buttrose defends ‘harmless flirting’ amid the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements… as she reveals her concerns over the ‘aggressive porn’ teens are exposed to Ita Buttrose has defended ‘harmless flirting’ and insisted that not all men are ‘b*****ds’ while discussing the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. The former Studio 10 presenter, 76, said she has never faced sexual harassment at work and praised the opposite sex as being ‘quite delightful’.

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