Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM) Stake Lessened by Neuberger Berman Group LLC

Neuberger Berman Group LLC lowered its position in shares of Yum! Brands, Inc. by 8.5% in the first quarter, according to its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission . The fund owned 18,360 shares of the restaurant operator’s stock after selling 1,714 shares during the period.

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Woke Restaurant Serves Discomfort Food

The DC reader who sends this says the Schadenfreude is delicious. He is correct. Washington City Paper reports on the hilariously failed effort of Busboys and Poets, a local restaurant, to be racially woke. Excerpts:

Sometimes you can have the best of intentions and still miss the mark completely. Such is the case with Busboys and Poets‘ “Race Card” initiative, which aims to foster discussions about race and privilege among its diners by handing out literal “Race Cards”—cards featuring larger questions about the state of race relations in America—to patrons as they enter.

recent Facebook post featuring one of the “Race Cards”—which reads “Did you perceive me as racist because I’m a white male?”—has garnered more than 150 shares and even more comments, with people criticizing Busboys and Poets for taking a somewhat tone-deaf approach in trying to foster a conversation about race. Other “Race Cards” that Busboys and Poets employees are handing out read: “What is your experience with race in America?,” “Have you ever been in a place where you were the racial minority?,” and “How often do you discuss race with your friends or family?”

Akosua Johnson, who posted the picture that went viral, says that a bartender at Busboys and Poets handed them the card when they sat down at the bar. Johnson, who identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, wrote on Facebook that the bartender, who was white, “had no idea how to actually engage with this poorly constructed, forced ‘conversation’ and so just walked away immediately after dropping the cards in the middle of my meal.”

Oh boy. This is getting good. I had to re-read the next part of the story to realize that the antecedent to the pronoun “them” is actually one person. A very woke person: Akosua Johnson, who was REALLY OFFENDED that Andy Shallal, owner of the restaurant had no reached out to the Professionally Woke Grifter-American Community for advice before playing the race card. He probably figured that by being intentionally progressive — left-wingery is written into the mission statement of the local restaurant chain — he was covered. Wrong!

You can imagine what happened next — but it’s fun to read the indignant statement from DC’s Black Lives Matter, in which its spokeswoman excommunicates Shallal and his restaurant, because he tried to do the racially correct (by BLM standards) thing in the wrong way. Akosua Johnson concludes, sadly: “The creators of this Busboys program erred in not choosing to engage more directly with racial justice activists and educators.”

Whole thing here. It usually makes sense to just shut up and cook. Who the heck wants to go eat or drink at a restaurant that serves discomfort food? Busboys and Poets, which describes itself as “a community where racial and cultural connections are consciously uplifted,” deserves this pain.

Meanwhile, Akosua Johnson would like you to compensate Akosua Johnson for Akosua Johnson’s  semi-hemi-demi-shakedown social justice accomplishment (or at least hire zir to enlighten the unenlightened):

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After Years Of Searching The Jungle They Finally Find The ‘Holy Grail’ Of WWII Relics

They thought he was crazy. But restaurant tycoon David Tallichet knew there was something he was missing in the jungle. As an innovator in the restaurant scene, a man who has injected culture and different tastes in the food he serves, Tallichet has built a legacy that will long outlive him. However, the discovery he made in the jungle had nothing to do with his success as a career restaurateur.

Yet his discovery has both historic significance and is simply interesting. But when he ventured out into the middle of nowhere in the jungle, he ended up raising ghosts from the grave.

Tallichet made his fortune in the food industry when he founded a Polynesian-themed restaurant chain in California. But his success began when he learned discipline as part of the military. He was deployed during World War Ii and was a co-pilot on a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. In the sky, as in the kitchen, Tallichet was a force to be reckoned with.

Even as he carved out his fortune in the restaurant business, he still maintained his passion for plains and aviation. He started to grow an aircraft collection when he made a lot of money. He even specialized in military plane replicas. His plains were hired for movies like “Pearl Harbor.”

Despite his success, Tallichet wanted more. He took a team to Papa New Guinea to trek through the jungle. He was eager to find more out of life. One of the most underdeveloped places in the world, Papa New Guinea has a fearsome jungle that is not kind to visitors. With the jungle thwarting his every move, Tallichet and his team had to force themselves through the landscape and into the swamp.

Despite having years of survival skills among the team, no one was prepared for the surprise in the middle of the jungle.

Tallichet was brought to tears when he saw the thing among the greenery. He was immediately brought back to 1942 when World War II was at its peak. U.S. Army Air Corps Captain Fred Eaton and Henry Maynard Harlow were hired for a secret and heroic mission. They were to fly from Australia up against the Japanese coast. When things took a bad turn at the Japanese Fortress at Rabaul in New Britain, they were left with few options.

The plane started to fall from the sky and landed in the middle of the Papa New Guinea jungle. The team of nine had little resources and a lot of strife to contend with.

The team simply abandoned the shot-up U.S. B-17E bomber. For six weeks, they trekked through the jungle. They battle malaria and heatstroke.

Meanwhile, the “swamp ghost” ship stayed put for decades. At least until Tallichet used his money to find it. Check out the video below to see more pictures of his incredible discovery.

When Tallichet and his team found it, they quickly called in an airlift and resurrected the “swamp ghost.” They broke a wing, but eventually got it out of the jungle. Now the bomber is officially retired.

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Bottomless brunch menu in London with unlimited dessert

As is the way with bottomless brunches, possibly the biggest weekend and social media craze in existence, I could not believe how long I spent eating at Eastway Brasserie. Tucked into the five star Andaz London Liverpool Street Hotel, the French restaurant …

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He Was Eating With His Family, But When He Noticed This Man Walking By He Ran For The Door

Craig Wells wanted to treat his family to dinner out at a restaurant one night. They made the trek to a noodle house called Wagamamas where the food was tasty and affordable. While Craig and his family were slurping down noodles, he looked up and saw something bizarre. Always vigilant because he is a protective dad, Craig’s antennae went on high alert.

A man was walking down the street outside. He was in poor shape and looked hopeless and lost. His clothing was ruined and disheveled. He looked like he didn’t have long to live if his life continued down whatever path he was taking.

But one detail stood out to Craig. And when he processed it, he started running for the noodle house’s door leaving his family behind.

The man, who appeared to be homeless, had no shoes for his feet. He wore socks, but the toes were worn through and hung out in the dirt. Although Craig was in the middle of a meal with his family, he abandoned them to help this stranger who was in a desperate situation.

“Immediately, I ran outside to catch him,” Craig said.

Instead of confronting the man, Craig approached him gently. He tried to make friends with him. But first, he had to start with something simple, so he learned his name, which was Mark.

Upon further questioning, Craig learned the hard truth about Mark’s situation and how he no longer owned a pair of shoes. When Craig asked Mark what size shoe he wore, he was stunned. It was the very same size that Craig had on his feet.

“Coincidence? I think not?” Craig later wrote.

Craig stripped his feet bare of his shoes. Then he gave Mark the pair, which happened to be Craig’s favorite pair he owned. But this man clearly needed it more than Craig did. The family man had more shoes at home. Mark had none to his name.

When Mark realized that Craig was giving him his shoes off his feet, he began to weep for gratitude.

“(He) gave me the biggest hug saying how nobody has ever been so kind.”

With his new pair of shoes protecting his feet, Mark continued to weep. And when Craig returned to the restaurant, he saw Mark from the window still weeping. The restaurant decided to continue to serve him despite being in violation of the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule.

After finishing their noodles and paying the bill, Craig and his family left the restaurant. He saw Mark lingering outside it. He hugged Mark again and then made sure he had shelter for the night. Craig also assured the stranger that God loved him and that he would be in his family’s prayers for the night.

“We got emotional and parted ways. I then proceeded to walk around Nottingham with just my socks on.”

Craig shared his story on Facebook in the hopes that his kindness would inspire other people to open their hearts to strangers.

“What I do want is people to recognize that love is the greatest gift we have been given. It was given to us freely and freely we should give it away.”

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She Was Breastfeeding At A Restaurant When The Manager Tapped Her On The Shoulder

Many professionals that work with moms-to-be and new moms will tell them that breast milk is the best option to feed their babies when they are first born. They have consultants in the maternity wards of hospitals that work solely with new moms learning how to nurse their babies. It is also something that can help premature babies grow and develop in a healthy way so that they do not deal with long-term issues.

One of the problems with this is the way people view breastfeeding in public. It is difficult because babies don’t care where they are when they are ready to eat, they just know that they want to eat. Many people couldn’t care less if a mom was breastfeeding their child in public, but others have strong feelings about it. This was the case at a restaurant in Iowa.

Elizabeth Herzog was out at a local Red Robin in Davenport, Iowa, when her daughter Georgia was ready to eat. Georgia was born two months early so Elizabeth tries to feed her as often as possible so that she can get her weight up to average levels. While she was in this Red Robin, she began to breastfeed her daughter. Just as she began to feed her daughter, the manager came over to her and asked her to cover herself up.

As soon as this happened, Herzog immediately left the establishment. Before walking out the door, she made sure to teach the manager a lesson in the laws of the state of Iowa. The laws of Iowa protect breastfeeding moms in public and say that it is unlawful to discriminate or interfere in the process.

Herzog made sure to let everyone know about what happened, including Red Robin’s corporate office. A spokesperson for the restaurant chain recently released a statement saying that their employees of that location are being re-educated about these laws on breastfeeding. They went on to say that they would be happy to accommodate any breastfeeding mom and her child.

There are people on both sides of this topic. Some think that it is no big deal and others think that they shouldn’t do it in public. It is a natural process and no one should be shamed for feeding their child. Moms are usually very discrete about it and they do it in a tasteful way. Pope Francis, himself, has also taken a stand on the topic. He recently encouraged a group of moms who were visiting the Vatican to breastfeed whenever they needed to, wherever they needed to. Mind you, he made this announcement in the famed Sistine Chapel.

People need to relax and let moms feed their babies. There are some women who wear revealing clothing that show a lot more than what a mom shows while she is breastfeeding. Does anyone ever tell them to cover themselves up? If you think about it on a scientific level, women were given breasts so that they could this for their babies. We are called mammals because of the mammary glands within the female breasts.

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LaToya Jackson looks youthful as she shows off tiny waist while…

The brunette beauty showed off her tiny waist in a pink blouse and skintight pants as she arrived at Craig’s restaurant on Tuesday. Glam look: The 62-year-old beauty showed off her tiny waist in some tight pants and a pink blouse She drew attention to her cleavage with a heart shaped-pendant necklace and wore her brunette locks in tumbling waves around her shoulders.

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Spanish has never been a foreign language in the United States

Video recordings in very different settings caught two incidents of Spanish speakers being harassed or detained as perceived undocumented immigrants this month. In midtown Manhattan, an attorney, Aaron Schlossberg, berated a restaurant owner after he heard …

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