Video: FBI agent accidentally shoots patron at a Denver bar while he was getting his groove on

Anyone who thinks disgraced former FBI Director James Comey is the only PR problem in the 109-year-old agency clearly hasn’t met this idiot yet:

This unnamed off-duty FBI agent and complete moron almost killed someone at a Denver nightclub Saturday night when, while performing a back handspring, his gun fell to the ground and went off, sending a bullet speeding into the leg of a patron. While it’s true the victim is reportedly OK, this doesn’t excuse the agent’s incompetence.

What’s even more astounding is that by Sunday morning the perpetrator had not yet been publicly identified. Nor did it appear he would be facing any consequences for his actions.

“Authorities have not identified the agent because he was not arrested, Denver police community resource officer Marika Putnam said,” CNN reported Sunday afternoon. “Denver police will continue investigating the incident, and the district attorney’s office will determine whether charges will be filed against the agent.”

Does anyone really believe the agent will be fired, let alone even suspended?

From failing to stop the Parkland shooter in February to refusing to pursue criminal charges against the Obama-era IRS goons who targeted conservative groups, the contemporary incarnation of the bureau is nothing like the FBI of J. Edgar Hoover.

Nothing better demonstrates this than the behavior of Comey, who successfully transformed the once revered agency into an international laughing stock.

Watch below as he describes to late night host Conan O’Brien about how he once sang a Beyoncé song during a briefing:

What an absolute joke of a man and FBI director. But in his limited defense, at least he never almost killed someone — or at least not that anybody is aware of.

And at least he never once got so drunk with an exotic dancer that he passed out, only to later wake up and discover he’d been robbed blind.

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Retiring GOP lawmaker: NRA refuses to compromise on ‘reasonable’ gun laws

Retiring Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Fla.) criticized the National Rifle Association (NRA) for refusing to accept “reasonable” gun control regulations in an interview published Wednesday. Rooney, a gun owner and Second Amendment advocate, told Sarasota Magazine …

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Leaked memo to staff from senior manager reveals department…

‘Refusing to assist customers is unacceptable’: Leaked memo from Myer senior manager to staff reveals department chain’s fury after its dismal customer service was exposed The letter from Myer’s Executive General Manager of Stores and Experiences Tony Sutton said staff had an ‘I don’t work for Myer’ attitude. ‘Unfortunately, feedback indicates that customers continue to experience this poor level of service,’ it reads, according to .

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Superstition Stopping Ebola Victims from Seeking Medical Care

Health workers fighting Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo have run into an invisible but powerful hurdle — a belief system that deems the disease to be a curse or the result of evil spirits.

Some people are refusing medical care and turn instead to preachers and prayers to chase away the threat, they say.

The pastor of an evangelical church last Wednesday died several days after he “prayed” for an Ebola victim who went to him for help, a doctor said.

“Some sick people believe that the Ebola epidemic comes from sorcery — they refuse to be treated and prefer to pray,” said Julie Lobali, a nurse on the front line against the DRC’s ninth Ebola outbreak.

She is working in a hospital in Mbandaka, a port city on the Congo River in northwest DRC where the first urban case was reported last Thursday. Since the outbreak was declared in the remote area of Bikoro on May 8, 51 cases of Ebola have been reported with 27 deaths.

One superstition that has become prevalent in the city, she says, is believing that Ebola began in Bikoro as “a curse on those who ate stolen meat” — a wild animal hunted in the countryside.

Blandine Mboyo, who lives in Mbandaka’s district of Bongondjo,told AFP “a hunter put a curse on the village because his big game was stolen.”

“This curse is so powerful because it hits those who ate this meat, having heard about the theft or having seen the stolen animal,” added Nicole Batoa, a local vendor.

Another resident, Guy Ingila, observed that officials have said on the radio “this disease is incurable… It’s because it’s about witchcraft.”

For doctors and health officials these beliefs raise serious concerns, complicating efforts to contain and roll back the deadly Ebola virus.

In Geneva on Tuesday, African health officials said they were preparing to send anthropologists to the DRC to help with an Ebola vaccination campaign. A prototype vaccine will first be given to frontline health workers and then to people who have been in contact with Ebola cases.

“If we do not handle communication well, the vaccination programme may suffer,” John Nkengasong, head of Africa Centres for Disease Control (Africa CDC), told reporters in Geneva.

“So we are also assessing how in the next two weeks or so to deploy anthropologists to support the vaccine efforts.”

In DR Congo, as elsewhere in Africa, disease and death are often not looked on as natural phenomena.

“So many deaths is a sign of a curse and can only have been provoked by a bad spirit,” said Zacharie Bababaswe, a Congolese specialist in cultural history, explaining people’s perceptions of Ebola.

Before the expansion of evangelical churches in the country, Bababaswe says many Congolese would go see the witch doctor or village healer for treatment.

Today there is still widespread superstition — but, since the 1980s, it has taken a different form, with some people turning for help to a church or a pastor who claims to have healing powers.

Two people infected with Ebola from Bikoro went to the churches rather than a medical centre for help, local witnesses said. Another patient, who had been hospitalised in Mbandaka, left the medical centre to seek out a local healer, they said.

To brake the spread of Ebola, “we have to convince villagers that the disease is not a curse,” said Bavon N’Sa Mputu, an elected official from Bikoro, pointing to the key role that churches can play.

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Easter Sunday a success but national rules needed: report

A new report by Retail NZ shows that Easter Sunday trading was a success this year in those Council districts where shops were allowed to open, with the rights of shop workers and customers well-protected if they didn’t want to work or shop. “Nearly 60 per cent of Councils had voted to allow retail businesses to make their own decisions about opening on Easter Sunday ahead of Easter this year, but because most of the big cities were refusing to permit choice, only around a third of retail shops were allowed to exercise their right to choose,” Retail NZ’s General Manager for Public Affairs said today.

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NFL consider 15-yard penalty for kneeling during anthem

Eli Harold , Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers kneel on the sideline in 2016 NFL owners are still debating where they stand collectively on the issue of players refusing to stand for the American national anthem. At the league meeting in Atlanta on Tuesday, no consensus was reached on how the NFL should handle players who don’t want to stand.

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Gay man who was denied marriage license by Kim Davis loses primary bid to overthrow her in Kentucky

Three years after being denied a marriage license by Rowan County clerk Kim Davis in Kentucky, David Ermold has been edged out of the running for challenging Davis; despite out-earning the primary opponent who beat him by at least $200,000 from 48 states.

Davis consumed the news cycle in 2015 after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her religious beliefs, and memorably served five days in jail rather than give in to court 0rders demanding her compliance.

No Republican is challenging Davis in her current run.

Ermold’s campaign also reportedly received some Hollywood help in his bid for public office, with Susan Sarandon and Amy Schumer both contributing to his campaign.

But Davis hasn’t raised funds or spent any money on her reelection efforts.

In a video from September 1, 2015, Ermold and his partner, David Moore, confront Davis at her office with a crowd of news media. Moore pleads for an explanation from Davis, saying “I pay your salary. I pay you to discriminate against me, right now. That’s what I’m paying for,” after telling her that she’s denying the couple the same rights that she has.

“Would you do this to an interaction couple?” Moore asks Davis. To which she replies: “A man and a woman? No.”

Moore and Ermhold eventually wed after 17 years together.

The winner in Tuesday’s Democratic primary was Elwood Caudill, who will face Davis in November’s election.

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Sri Lanka army unit to fight civil war abuse claims

The government under then president Mahinda Rajapakse, who ordered the offensive, faced international censure for refusing to acknowledge what the UN called credible allegations. The administration which came to power in January 2015 said it was willing to …

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Forgotten war victory

The government under then president Mahinda Rajapaksa, who ordered the offensive, faced international censure for refusing to acknowledge what the UN called credible allegations. The administration which came to power in January 2015 said it was willing to …

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