Interesting Tweets of the Day

Here are a new few tweets that I found some mix of interesting, funny, and scary:

Lauer VS Trump – What up with all the tweets?

The following comments are based on the article, “NBC’s Matt Lauer confronts Trump over his tweeting: Are you having a ‘difficult time breaking’ this habit?” from Business Insider.

This morning on NBC’s “Today” show Matt Lauer talked to Donald Trump about his tweet addiction. Matt asked “I have not see you backing off fights on Twitter,” referring to Trump’s attacks on Boeing for cost overruns, the cast of Hamilton, The New York Times, “Saturday Night Live,” and the media in general. Trump replied “No, I think I am very restrained, and I talk about important things.”

Trump went on to defend his tweets and Facebook posts as the fastest and most efficient way to get a message out. Especially when compared to the time to generate and publish a press release.

The article then takes a direct jab a Trump by quoting a New York Times’ article that didn’t have anything to do with Lauer interview:

President Barack Obama used the Times report to mock Trump in the final days of the campaign, arguing then that if he couldn’t be trusted to be on Twitter, he shouldn’t be trusted to have the country’s nuclear codes.


“In the last two days, they had so little confidence in his self control, they just said they’re going to take away your Twitter. If somebody can’t handle a Twitter account, they can’t handle the nuclear codes,” Obama said at the time.


Except for quoting an Obama hit piece the article is fair. Trump is not using Twitter and Facebook to do reactionary tweets (for the most part.) Trump has been known to shoot from the hip with mix results on Twitter.  But most of his messages are planned to point attention to an issue he’s usually going to do a press conference on the following day. Generally his tweets are meant to stir the post.

Having said that, the Saturday Night Live tweet was pure emotion and not real substance. The only thing it achieved was getting people talking about Trump and get more rating for Saturday Night Live.

Update 1:

A thread on the artcle has been started at

2016.12.07 Wednesday Morning Twitter Quickies

I wonder if any stickers are still left?  The really story is how the money used to get a free bumper stickers is dispersed.

I hope the South African Airways isn’t this violent with it’s patrons. 🙂

The SAA really means Syrian Arab Army. When I see all or nothing comments like this  I think that people are just showing off to prove they have bigger testicles then everyone else. I have not been able to confirm this exact statement post  by ‘The Inside Source’.

What I did find is the SAA’s Facebook page. I love this one post:

Some people think they know more than the general command of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces and are contradicting the statements of the Syrian Department of Defense rather than explaining the situation and statements released by the official Facebook page of the Syrian ministry of defense and the only official Syrian military page on Facebook وزارة الدفاع في الجمهورية العربية السورية


Do we need to remind them that the General Command of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces speak in the


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So… the UK doesn’t believe in Global Warming is as big of an issue as it use to be. The country has bigger issues then some tragdegy to keeps getting pushed back every 10 year by 10 years. Somewhere Al Gore is crying.

Satellite phones can text now. Good to know.

The complete article can be found here. While an exact number of people who cancelled their subscriptions is never given the term ‘thousands’ is used. You can also followed a Twitter thread on people talking to the Editor and Chief about why they cancelled their subscriptions.  At least the editor is very cordial for his criticism.

2016.12.05 Monday Morning Twitter Quickies

Twitter IconHere is the best tweets I found this morning and my reactions:

Opinion: Um, radical Christian bishops are the largest know group of suicide bombers? Or maybe someone on high in the UK is getting complaints from a certain persecuting Muslim faction and neither the UK government or the Islamic extremist want the bad press.

Opinion: This movie just looks bad and generic. This is the worst cash grab since the movie 9 Live.

Opinion: Its funny because Ben Carson is black and wouldn’t be a white supremacist and Donald Trump isn’t really a KKK supporter. See, I know some people don’t get the idea that Trump is an equal opportunity opportunist. He doesn’t care about skin color, he just wants people who will get him the most profit and approval.

Opinion: I don’t know how real this is but I love it! I am going to have to look more into this one.  You have to watch the video.  Also, I love the professional shirt he’s wearing.

Opinion: I’m going to quote the first line of the article:

Downing Street has ordered an investigation into the how a memo sent to senior civil servants to warn about the consequences of leaking information was passed on to journalists within days.

Ok, there’s a bunch of points in this single line:

  1. You’re investigating a memo that was leaked about leaking memo’s
  2. What were you expecting when your memo is basically nothing but threats?
  3. People get scared so they want an insurance policy for their jobs. In this WikiLeaks culture you do this by getting this kind of crap out in the open.
  4. How naive can anyone be to think this isn’t going to let out something that has international ramifcations?

Opinion: There are no solar flares going on today. Please feel free to remove your space suit today.

Opinion This is the kind of tweet I hate. A statement is made without any specfic reference to an event or data supporting the statement. This tweet could be referring to something back in June or just happened.  I don’t know if this is something specfic but here what I found from over the summer: