GM Korea chief urges labor union to accept wage freeze

GM Korea has urged its labor union to cooperate in wage negotiations by the end of the month, to make progress in drafting a self-help plan, as the firm teeters on the edge of bankruptcy.
Industry sources said Thursday that GM Korea President Kaher Kazem emailed employees the day before, informing them that the automaker cannot secure extra funds to cover costs in April unless the firm and the labor union reach an agreement on wages by the end of March.

Planned Parenthood deletes tweet calling for Disney princess ‘who’s had an abortion’

Planned Parenthood is facing a social media backlash after one of its branches tweeted and then deleted a post suggesting Disney create a princess who'd had an abortion.
Planned Parenthood Keystone, which operates in 37 Pennsylvania counties, tweeted on Tuesday that "We need a Disney Princess who's had an abortion. We need a Disney Princess who's pro-choice. We need a Disney princess who's an undocumented immigrant. We need a Disney Princess who's actually a union worker. We need a Disney Princess who's trans."

College lists ‘ze,’ ‘it’ as gender pronouns

Guidelines issued by Bryn Mawr College include “ze” and “it” among the gender-neutral pronouns by which students, professors and members of the community might identify.
The document, “Asking For and Using Pronouns: Making Spaces More Gender Inclusive,” is featured on the Pensby Center for Community Development and Inclusion’s website. It says some people use “non-traditional pronouns” that “may change after you have already been introduced to the person.”

Michigan State paid PR firm $500G to track media coverage of Nassar scandal

The recent sexual abuse scandal involving disgraced sports doctor Larry Nassar took a toll on Michigan State University, the school with which Nassar was affiliated.
In recent months Michigan State lost its president, its athletic director, a dean and, for many, its reputation.
But the scandal also cost the school more than $500,000 – in money paid to a New York City public relations firm for just one month’s work in tracking media coverage and social media reaction to the case.

Malala Yousafzai returns to Pakistan for first time since being shot by Taliban

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai is meeting Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi hours after returning to her homeland for the first time since she was shot by Taliban militants in 2012.
A government statement said the 20-year-old was received by Mr Abbasi on her arrival at his office in the capital, Islamabad.
Pakistan's Information Minister, Maryam Aurangzeb, and senior government officials were also present at the meeting.

Palestinian shot dead in Gaza as protesters clash with Israeli troops in West Bank

Why does any change have to be met with violence? This is insane.

Clashes erupt as people across Muslim world demonstrate against Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

A Palestinian was shot dead in Gaza by the Israeli army on Friday, the Palestinian health ministry said, the first person killed in clashes that began after Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Thursday.

Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli troops across the West Bank as worshippers throughout the Muslim world took to the streets after the weekly Friday midday prayers to protest against Trump’s decision.

The confrontations came as Rex Tillerson, US secretary of state, suggested that any move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – as called for by the US president – could take at least two years.

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Amid growing isolation, North Korea falls back on close ties with Cuba

In the midst of increasing international isolation, North Korea is sending its foreign minister to an old ally: Cuba. In a short message released Friday, North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency announced that Ri Yong Ho and his delegation departed on their journey to Havana.

The move comes after a number of North Korean trading partners announced that they would be suspending trade with North Korea. Pyongyang’s seventh-largest trading partner, Singapore, announced that it would halt its trade ties with the country Thursday. In September, the Philippines — North Korea’s fifth-largest trading partner — said it would do the same.

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Morgan Stanley CEO: US corporate taxes in 20% range would be economically ‘stimulating’

U.S. corporate taxes within the 20 percent range would be a plus for the economy, Morgan Stanley Chairman and CEO James Gorman told CNBC on Thursday.

Rates in the world’s largest economy are currently 35 percent, versus 15 to 25 percent in major jurisdictions elsewhere in the world, he explained. “For the U.S. to be so much off market, it’s going to lead to corporations doing things they normally wouldn’t do in terms of shifting revenues offshore … the U.S. has to bring the corporate tax plan down.”

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Early Comey draft accused Clinton of gross negligence on emails

An early draft of former FBI Director James Comey’s statement closing out the Hillary Clinton email case accused the former secretary of State of having been “grossly negligent” in handling classified information, newly reported memos to Congress show.

The tough language was changed to the much softer accusation that Clinton had been “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information when Comey announced in July 2016 there would be no charges against her.

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