Brisbane flu virus one of the most dangerous in the world

Brisbane may be known for its sunny weather and XXXX beer, but it has been given an inglorious honour by the World Health Organisation (WHO) today.
The global health body says a deadly flu strain, which originated in the Queensland capital, is one of the most dangerous in the world.
It means the killer influenza B bug, dubbed the Brisbane virus, will be included in this season’s four-strain vaccination.

Are baby boomers returning to religion?

Many in the baby boomer generation — known for ushering in an era of protests that brought about transformative change in American society — are increasingly turning to churches, temples and mosques to find meaning in their later years of life.
This is the major finding from the latest wave of data collected from the Longitudinal Study of Generations, which was originally developed in 1970 at USC by then-assistant professor Vern Bengtson.

CBS is getting desperate All-Access

In what seems like a paid ad on Mashable CBS has announce its expanding it's trial week to a trial month.  One is left to wonder if the new Star Trek series no longer pulling in the number it was. Perhaps the pay wall on content that is 20 years old (CSI makes me feel ancient now) is not really that much of a draw.  Honestly the only way old shows can make it is living on a network like Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix.  Let them handle the network and distribution issues.  Otherwise make it a public that run ads like Crackle.  

Single network subscriptions haven't worked out well in the inter-web-space unless your station has highly specialized content. I'm looking at you YouTube Red.

What’s the Deal With Complete and Incomplete Protein—and Does It Even Matter?

If you’re a big fan of quinoa, or chia seeds, you may have heard them touted as complete proteins. In a nutshell, that means they contain all of the nine essential amino acids required to build and repair protein tissues in the body. But the question is: does that matter? 
The short answer is no, not really. But first, let's back up a step.
Animal-based foods like eggs, dairy, fish, and meat are complete proteins; while most plant foods are incomplete—meaning certain amino acids are missing from the protein puzzle.

The biggest Black Lives Matter page on Facebook is fake

For at least a year, the biggest page on Facebook purporting to be part of the Black Lives Matter movement was a scam with ties to a middle-aged white man in Australia, a review of the page and associated accounts and websites conducted by CNN shows.
The page, titled simply "Black Lives Matter," had almost 700,000 followers on Facebook, more than twice as many as the official Black Lives Matter page. It was tied to online fundraisers that brought in at least $100,000 that supposedly went to Black Lives Matter causes in the U.S. At least some of the money, however, was transferred to Australian bank accounts, CNN has learned.

Texas is suing to end Obamacare. New Jersey is fighting to prevent that.

New Jersey is trying to help save Obamacare from Texas.
State Attorney General Gurbir Grewal on Monday joined his counterparts in a number of Democratic-led states in pushing back against a lawsuit filed by Texas and other Republican-led states seeking to overthrow the Affordable Care Act.
Texas filed the suit against the U.S. government last month claiming that the federal health-care law championed by former Democratic President Barack Obama — popularly known as "Obamacare" — is unconstitutional. Nineteen other states signed on to the suit.
Texas is leading the charge to expose ObamaCare's house of cards

During an October 2016 speech, President Trump made this pledge regarding the Affordable Care Act, “My first day in office, I am going to ask Congress to put a bill on my desk getting rid of this disastrous law and replacing it with reforms that expand choice, freedom, affordability.”
While Congress failed to act, a twenty-state coalition led by Texas now provides President Trump the same opportunity to eliminate ObamaCare without waiting for Congress.
Last month, these twenty states filed the third installment in the trilogy of ObamaCare litigation. Whereas NFIB v. Sebelius and King v. Burwell resulted in the United Supreme Court contorting the law to uphold the ACA, this new proceeding — Texas v. United States — uses the Supreme Court’s holding in NFIB and the legislative intent of the ACA to show it as now unconstitutional.

YouTube and Facebook Are Losing Creators to Blockchain-Powered Rivals

Some say privacy concerns, censorship, and a coming ban on cryptocurrency ads are driving them away from the big names.

Peter “Furious Pete” Czerwinski has close to 5 million YouTube followers, but they can’t see most of his new videos there. To get 46 of the 71 weightlifting and competitive-eating videos he’s posted in the past two months, fans have to use DTube. It looks a lot like YouTube, but video creators rely on donations from viewers instead of ad revenue, and the site’s moderators rarely try to censor potentially offensive material. Czerwinski, who made the switch two months ago, has said he felt his material could no longer get the circulation it deserved on YouTube. He didn’t respond to requests for comment.
While YouTube has had to start taking a tougher line on censoring offensive videos that advertisers don’t want to be associated with, a growing swath of creators have fled to sites such as DTube to avoid the constraints. Like other upstart sites, DTube runs on the blockchain network Steem, and users can pay creators and commenters in digital tokens. That’s another point of distinction with YouTube, as well as with Facebook and Twitter. All three advertising-driven sites are phasing out ads for cryptocurrencies, shielding themselves from potential legal liability if the ads are scams or the digital coins are eventually regulated as securities. Video creators with an interest in cryptocurrency say that’s also a factor driving them away from the big names. In the wake of Facebook’s data scandal, privacy is a third. YouTube didn’t respond to a request for comment for this story; Facebook referred to previous statements that the company is working to repair its reputation but hasn’t seen a significant drop in users.

China’s president offers US possible trade concessions

President Xi Jinping promised Tuesday to cut China's auto tariffs and improve intellectual property protection in possible concessions aimed at defusing a worsening dispute with Washington over trade and technology that investors worry could set back the global economic recovery.
Speaking at a business conference, Xi made no direct mention of his American counterpart, Donald Trump, or the dispute. He promised progress on areas that are U.S. priorities including opening China's banking industry and boosting imports but didn't address key irritants for Washington such as a requirement for foreign companies to work through joint ventures that require them to give technology to potential local competitors.
Random Thoughts: China is at the edge of economic collapse because of competition from India the fact that most technology sectors have hit the point of saturation.  Do you buy a big desktop or a cheap phone and tablet more often?  So a trade war may push them over the edge.  If that happen then current part in power will be removed… somehow by the people.