The Diversity Staff at the University of Michigan Is Nearly 100 Full-Time Employees

Year after year, media note and sometimes bemoan the ballooning cost of higher education.


There are various reasons for surging costs, but the primary one is the remarkable expansion of university administration in recent decades. As Paul Campos, a law professor at the University of Colorado, wrote in the New York Times a few years ago:


Universities are large and require administrators to function, of course. The problem is there seems to be no end to the expansion. This point was recently illustrated by Mark Perry, an economics professor at the University of Michigan-Flint.

Perry, who also is a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, used the University of Michigan as an example to highlight the rise of “diversicrats” (diversity bureaucrats) on today’s campuses. The numbers are astonishing.

  1. The University of Michigan currently employs a diversity staff of nearly 100 (93) full-time diversity administrators, officers, directors, vice-provosts, deans, consultants, specialists, investigators, managers, executive assistants, administrative assistants, analysts, and coordinators.
  2. More than one-quarter (26) of these “diversicrats” earn annual salaries of more than $100,000, and the total payroll for this small army is $8.4 million. When you add to cash salaries an estimated 32.45% for UM’s very generous fringe benefit package for the average employee in this group (retirement, health care, dental insurance, life insurance, long-term disability, paid leave, paid vacation, social security, unemployment insurance, Medicare, etc.) the total employee compensation for this group tops $11 million per year. And of course that doesn’t count the cost of office space, telephones, computers and printers, printing, postage, programs, training, or travel expenses.

If you fell out of your chair upon realizing that the University of Michigan has a full-time diversity staff of nearly one hundred employees, one of whom earns more than the president of the United States, you can be forgiven. I nearly did too.


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A twin-engine jet, blue Maserati coupe, and several high-end homes are among the belongings prosecutors aim to force a Texas doctor to forfeit for allegedly perpetrating a $240 million healthcare fraud.

Jorge Zamora-Quezada, 61, appeared in court Monday to face a seven-count indictment. He’s accused of making dubious diagnoses and administering unneeded chemotherapy as part of a conspiracy to rake in millions of dollars in reimbursements to support a lifestyle the Department of Justice described as “lavish and opulent.”…

…The DOJ alleges that Zamora-Quezada and his alleged partners in crime created fake patient records and concealed medical information from Medicare authorities “by stashing them in an unsecured and dilapidated barn located in the Rio Grande Valley” to obstruct investigations into their conduct.

Medicare/Medicaid fraud is all over the place. But this guy took it to the limit.

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43 Years After Their Divorce, Her Ex-Husband Shows Up At Her Work Holding This Sign

Renate Stumpf has been working for Walmart for 25 years, but this special Valentine’s Day surprise from an unlikely person has got to be her most memorable moment on the job so far. Her ex-husband, Louis Demetriades, had a plan to surprise Renate Stumpf with a special message and made arrangements with the staff at Walmart to pull it all off.

Louis met Renate in Germany in 1959 on an Army base when they were just 18 years old and Louis was a soldier. He fell in love with Renate, who worked in the kitchen on the base. They eventually were married, moved to the United States, and started a family. The couple had three children and while they struggled financially and Renate had a language barrier because she could barely speak English at the time, they eventually began to fight all the time.

They were married for 12 years when they filed for divorce. They went their separate ways, moved to different states, and both remarried. Both of their spouses passed away and the two reconnected again on Facebook, before they started talking on the phone and rekindling their romance. It had been 43 years since they had last spoken!

Louis came to surprise Renate at her job at Walmart… she turned around to discover her ex-husband standing there, holding a sign, after he traveled 286 miles to say something very important in person. He asked her: “will you marry me?”

Renate was floored by the unexpected surprise, holding her hands to her face, and reacting in utter disbelief that Louis had come all that way to ask her that.

Her response? “Well…,” adding, “I just talked to you this morning.” Maybe it wasn’t quite the immediate reaction Louis was hoping for in response to his question, but she had to wrap her head around what was happening first. Then she gave him a hug and a kiss, while he asked “Well?”

She answered, “no” and they started laughing before she said, “Yes, but not today.” Fair enough.

In an interview with News 5, she said, “43 years is a long time and to say yes right away… I’m going to have to test him a little bit first. I will marry him though because he’s a good man.”

Louis said, “Why did I come to Walmart to propose to my wife again? It’s because she has so many friends here and I knew that she would like to share that with them.”

Renate added, “Best valentine I ever had in my life.” So sweet.

Many people weighed in on the proposal on social media, with some finding it romantic and calling their relationship “true love.” Others, however, weren’t so sure, with one person noting: “I don’t know. I’m kinda thinking differently. If it didn’t work the first time, why will it now. They better check into it also because a lot of elderly lose some medicare and social security benefits when they marry!”

Another thought that perhaps “maturity changes things” and another person added: “It happened to me. Love my husband even more this second time around.”

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