New TOR Fusion Light/Laser Combo from Steiner

Miniature rail-mounted light/laser combo for pistols
Miniature rail-mounted light/laser combo for pistols

GREELEY, Colo.-( Steiner eOptics now offers the TOR Fusion, a rail-mounted light & aiming laser combination specifically designed for pistols and small enough to fit inside the majority of all commercially produced holsters on the market.

The new TOR Fusion aiming laser features left and right fire buttons for ambidextrous use and is available in red (635 nm) or green (520 nm) visible lasers. The TOR Fusion is based on mil spec engineering resulting in a device that is tested and proven to operate in extreme climates and conditions including ultra-cold weather, a known weak area of operation for competitor products. Ruggedly built with a Mil-Grade aluminum machined housing, the TOR Fusion is framed by a rail mount and illuminator bezel, ambient sealed, dustproof, and is splash-proof to IP54 standards.

For night, low light or difficult to see in environments, the TOR Fusion’s cool white LED and total internal reflector produces a uniform circular illumination spot plus wide-angle flood lighting for total situational awareness. Incorporating a proprietary patented constant power drive circuit to ensure that the laser output remains stable throughout the life of the battery, the TOR Fusion aiming laser also features a convenient low battery indicator for remaining energy status.

The universal rail mount on the TOR Fusion will fit all pistols that have a Picatinny or Weaver style rail forward of the trigger guard. This design of the TOR Fusion allows for optimum positioning of the laser so that the fire buttons are easily accessible for a wide range of users.

Other features of the TOR Fusion include windage and elevation bore sight adjustment screws user selectable modes, adjustable laser and illuminator power, optional auto-on and boost mode.

When set to the Auto On mode, the internal accelerometer senses the position of the pistol and the laser will turn on when the pistol is drawn from a holster and brought up level. This feature will also work when the pistol is picked up from lying on its side. The laser will automatically turn itself off when the pistol is holstered or set down.

When set to Boost Mode, the TOR Fusion will automatically come on to maximum power, no matter what level the Fusion had been set on, including off. After one minute of run time, the Fusion will automatically return to the previous power level it had been set on.

TOR Fusion Specifications:

  • Max Laser Power: 5.0 mW
  • Battery: (1) CR123
  • Max Continuous Illuminator Power: 350 Lumen
  • Boost Mode Illuminator power: 470 Lumen
  • Height: 1.39 in.
  • Width: 1.34 in.
  • Length: 2.70 in.
  • MSRP: $399

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About SteinerSteiner eOptics

For 70 years, Steiner has made trusted optics for life’s defining moments. The successful pursuit and capture of these moments demands the fastest and precise detection, location and identification of a distant objective. Weather the objective is wildlife, marine bearing, law enforcement or military combatant, Steiner products enhance an individuals most important sense, vision, so that on land or sea – Nothing Escapes You. For more information, visit the company website at

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OPCW Chief Says Large Dose of Nerve Agent Used in Salisbury – Reports

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – A large dose of toxin was used to poison a former Russian spy and his daughter in England, the head of the international chemical weapons watchdog told US media.

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White House ‘Can’t Confirm’ Validity of North Korea Prisoner Release

Prisoner in Korea
During Thursday’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders could not “confirm the validity” of Wednesday media reports that three U.S. prisoners of North Korea had been released.

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A Popular Summer Toy sent This Little Girl To The ER, And Now Her Mom Is Warning All

When you’re a parent, you never know what could harm your children. While parents do their best to protect their children from the obvious things that can be a problem – like car accidents and Internet predators – there is no way to protect children from every potential danger. But now one mother is issuing a warning that could hopefully save a few children from harm this summer.

Because her warning involves a popular summer toy that many children love to play with, she hopes her story can shed light on the dangers of pool noodles.

The fun day in the pool with mom Lacey Grace and her four-year-old daughter Elianna went from jubilant to horrible in a matter of moments. And it all hinged on a mundane incident. Elianna and a friend were playing with the pool noodle when a stream of water was accidentally forced down Elianna’s throat.

The little girl threw up the chlorinated pool water. And then she went back to playing without incident. Lacey said her daughter seemed normal for the rest of the day. Lacey forgot all about the incident because her daughter was just having fun with her friend and the pool noodle trick was just part of it.

But Lacey could not forget about a story she read online about the disastrous effects of drinking pool water. And then she watched as her daughter’s health quickly deteriorated.

Lacey revealed her nightmare on Facebook:

“Elianna was playing in the pool with a ‘pool noodle’ on Saturday, and as many children do every day, she was blowing in one end and blowing water out the other. By 100% freak accident, Elianna put her mouth to blow out at the same time someone blew in the other end, causing the water to shoot directly down her throat. She threw up immediately but didn’t really have any other notable things happen…

“Come Monday she developed a fever. Kids get fevers, this is normal. I didn’t think much. Tuesday she slept most of the day but still overall looked fine. Sent her to school Wednesday and got a call in the afternoon that her fever was back. I kept replaying that pool scene in my head and remembered reading a story last year about a Dad in Texas whose son passed away because he went untreated after inhaling a bunch of pool water. I wasn’t going to let that be Elianna…”

But it was too late.

“Wen to the nearest ER where they did a chest X-ray and showed inflammation and infection caused by pool chemicals. Two hours later they transferred her by ambulance to an even larger hospital so they could monitor her around the clock and have pediatric specialists keep an eye on her…

“Elianna has aspiration pneumonia and is now on oxygen and relying on it to breathe.”

“We just pray that the antibiotic takes quickly and her lungs can find a way to get rid of the pool chemicals,” Lacey added.

Because this young girl played with a pool noodle, she needs a machine to keep her alive.

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‘LIE the Friendly Skies’! Does United Airlines seriously think THIS GUY will solve their PR problems?

United Airlines has gotten a pretty bad rap over the past few years. And to be quite honest, they deserve it. So, what they really need is someone who can turn PR lead into PR gold. Which is why they’ve hired … Josh Earnest?

More from the Washington Examiner:

United Airlines has hired Josh Earnest, President Barack Obama’s former press secretary, as its chief communications officer and senior vice president, the airline announced Thursday morning.

“Josh is a proven leader and world-class communications strategist who has thrived when the stakes are the highest — and the margin for error is the smallest. He’ll play a crucial role on our leadership team as we position our brand and this company for success,” United CEO Oscar Munoz said in a press release.

United said Earnest’s two decades of working in strategic communications and representing the White House to the media during his eight-year tenure indicate he will be able to “shape the airline’s public image.”


Ha! The evidence is irrefutable now!

If United Airlines is placing their faith in Josh Earnest, they’re gonna need more help than we thought.

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Black Motivational Speaker Claims He and His Wife Were Kicked Out of a Texas Restaurant Because of Their Race

A black motivational speaker says he and his wife were thrown out of a Texas restaurant because they refused to give up their table for a white customer.

Johnny Wimbrey and his wife had been ready to order dinner at Sambuca360 in Plano on Saturday night when the manager asked if they would give up their table, WFAA reports.

Wimbrey said the manager wanted the couple to give their table to a white man who is a regular customer – and became angry when they refused.

‘I said, ‘No, I think we want to sit here. We have a great view. It’s only a table for two.’ So we just declined the offer respectfully,’ he told WFAA.

A heated exchanged between Wimbrey and the manager was captured on a cell phone by the couple.

‘You can pay the tab – you are leaving,’ the manager told the couple outside the restaurant.

‘Why am I leaving?’ Wimbrey asked him.

‘Because I am asking you to leave,’ he replied.

‘Why?’ Wimbrey responded.

‘Because I don’t like you,’ the manager said.

When Wimbrey repeatedly asked the manager what he did wrong, the manager accuses him of trespassing.

‘What you’re doing wrong is you’re trespassing. Time to go,’ the manager told the Wimbreys.

After this, Wimbrey said the manager called Plano police and they decided to leave the scene.

Wimbrey, who has hosted work parties at the restaurant with more than 200 attendees, said race was definitely a factor in the incident.

‘I do believe it’s because of who I am and how I look that they asked me to move tables,’ he said.

Sambuca360 apologized for the incident, blaming it on a ‘mix-up’ at the host stand.

‘Sambuca has no tolerance for discrimination and always wants to make every guest feel welcome and respected,’ it said in a statement to WFAA.

After Wimbrey’s story appeared on a local news network, the story sparked a furious backlash as it spread across social media.

It comes after two black men who were arrested while waiting at a Starbucks store in Philadelphia reached a confidential financial settlement with the coffee chain.

They also dropped legal claims against the city after it agreed to pay each man $1 and committed $200,000 to fund an entrepreneurship program for public school students.

Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson were arrested on April 12, after a Starbucks manager called police to complain that they had not made a purchase and refused to leave. Police released the men hours later without charges.

However, a video of their arrests was widely shared online, sparking protests and calls for a boycott of the popular chain.

Starbucks Corp, which plans to close 8,000 stores for a half day of anti-bias training on May 29, said Robinson and Nelson will have an opportunity to provide input for the company’s ‘long-term diversity and equity efforts.

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