QUANTUM CORP /DE/ : Change in Directors or Principal Officers, Financial Statements and Exhibits (form 8-K)

Bonus Opportunity: Mr. Dodson will be eligible to participate in the Company’s annual incentive plan on terms determined by the Leadership and Compensation Committee of the Board, with a target bonus of 50% of his annual base salary. Performance Units …

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d.health Summit Convenes Leadership Across Technology, Healthcare and Policy to Revolutionize Successful Aging

West Health will host a closed pre-summit session on June 5 and deliver an interactive briefing at the d.health Summit to share learnings from the session with thought leaders in the broader d.health community. Visiting Nurse Association Health Group (VNA …

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Mike Rowe explains why the Boy Scouts are a desperately needed ‘antidote’ to safe spaces

Former Eagle Scout Mike Rowe explains why youth-based organizations like the Boy Scouts are at the forefront of the fight against the “safe space” culture that is overtaking America.

Here’s what he said

“You were famously an Eagle Scout as a boy, the scouts are no longer the Boy Scouts, but simply the Scouts,” said Tucker Carlson during the interview on Fox News. “What’s your response to that?”

“Well it’s funny you should ask, Tucker, because no less than 10,000 people have asked me that very question over the last month on my Facebook page,” responded Rowe. “Distinguished Eagle Scout, if you’re keeping score, five or six years ago, I was awarded that, and it was very touching.”

“Look I’m watching what’s happening very carefully,” he explained, “I’ve sent fifty to fifty-five thousand letters out over the last ten years to other Eagle Scouts, and I think the country needs the Scouts, I think the country needs the Future Farmers of America, and Skills USA, and 4H, desperately. Now more than ever.”

Self-inflicted wounds

“So, it does concern me to see all the confusion swirling around the organization,” Rowe added, “but like so many wounds I’m afraid many of these are self-inflicted, and I also think some of the confusion that’s going on is legitimate. I read their official statement – while girls are being welcomed in, I didn’t ready anything about integrated camping trips, or troupe meetings. I think it really is a play to compete more directly with the Girl Scouts. And I understand why the Girl Scouts are upset, but since when is competition a bad thing?”

“So I think character development and leadership development have never been more important than they are today,” he continued, “so my hope is that the Boy Scouts assume the responsibility that’s presenting itself and become an antidote for the safe space environment that’s out there.”

Bloody noses and black eyes

“And push back a little bit,” he added. “Not to sound like the angry guy on your neighbor’s porch yelling at the kids on the lawn, but when I was in the Scouts in ’74 and ’75, it wasn’t a safe space there in the basement of our church. You’d go home with a bloody nose sometimes, or a black eye. We had a boxing ring.”

“It was a vibrant space where you really could test yourself and fail in a way, that on the one hand, made you safe enough to attempt, but on the other hand didn’t try to check every box and please every single person,” Rowe explained. “It’s a tough time. I’m sympathetic for the leaders, but I’m afraid you’ve got to draw the line somewhere and be very very clear about what you stand for as well as against.”

“So you don’t see this as the end of something, then?” Carlson asked, voicing a popular opinion.

Safe spaces versus self-challenge

“I don’t know, again, you either evolve, or you die,” Rowe responded, “but at the same time people are confused, because the Scouts simply haven’t come out and said categorically what they’re for, right? So I just think this conversation touches every single hotpoint right now going on in popular culture, from tolerance to acceptance, which by the way, I’m not sure what the difference between those two things is anymore, but there used to be a big difference.”

“People are struggling about their own identity,” Rowe said. “Everything is either being informed by a safe space culture, or everything is being informed by people who want to be challenged. I think people are desperate to be challenged, and my hope for these youth-based organizations that help preach character is that they look for people who want to be challenged, and not curry favor so much with those who want a nice reassuring pat on the head.”

“Yeah,” Carson joked, “that’s how the Episcopal Church died!”

“Wow,” Rowe responded.

Here’s the enlightening interview with Mike Rowe:

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Pilots Give Teamsters the Boot

I’ll say this. The Teamsters building in Washington DC is one of the nicest in downtown. I once went to a very pleasant cocktail party there.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

“This is a historic moment not only for our company but also for the industry as a whole, since no other pilot group has elected to remove representation by organized labor,” Ricci said in a statement. “While this underscores the dissatisfaction our pilots felt with the union, it is more importantly a testament to the trust our pilots have in this Company and our leadership team, and a rejection of the tactics of fear and intimidation that the Teamsters used during this vote.”

More than two-thirds of pilots voted against maintaining ties to the unions. The vote followed a 28-day election period that saw nearly unanimous participation from workers. Of the 551 eligible voters, 541 cast ballots; 318 voted against the union while 220 wanted to maintain exclusive representation with the Teamsters. Local 1108 has accused the company and broader airline industry of union busting and “stealing our rights.”

“The contractual protections and benefits we enjoy today, and the right to negotiate improvements as a unified group, will vanish within one second of the vote’s certification with no guarantee that the damage can ever be undone,” the union said on its website. “No pilot group should give up their greatest leverage.”

Local 1108, which did not return request for comment, took a more conciliatory stance following the results thanking “all pilots who voted for representation. And we thank all of our volunteers and the other labor organizations, especially our IBT Airline Division, for the support we received.”

Ricci said eliminating union representation will allow workers to deal directly with the company on employment matters. The company said it plans to hire 100 new workers in the wake of the vote and plans to implement pay and benefit hikes on June 1.

Click here for the article.

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The United Nations, beyond parody

Over the years, critics of the United Nations have been able to attack and ridicule that organization over the membership and leadership of various human rights organizations it sponsors. The best example is probably Iran’s membership on U.N. committees that oversee the protection of women’s rights and global human rights.

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Defense Secretary James Mattis is a voracious reader. Here’s how he draws leadership lessons from books

Mattis, hailed for his battlefield prowess and kinship with rank-and-file soldiers, has said that the best way to hone war-fighting skills is to leverage lessons learned from history. Before taking the highest office in the Pentagon, Mattis’ personal …

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AFP’s Tim Phillips: Time to Hold Republicans Accountable for Reckless Spending

You’ve probably read stories about the growing partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans in America.

But there is one thing both parties have both taken part in: bipartisan wasteful spending has led our nation to $21 trillion in federal debt.

Most recently, Republicans in Congress have exacerbated the debt by passing the reckless $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, which was then signed by a Republican president.

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips addresses this issue and the need to hold Republicans accountable in his recent op-ed in Inside Sources:

When Republicans can’t even muster up the courage to restrain the growth of spending on Democratic priorities — The Atlantic noted that the measure would “make Barack Obama proud” — what hope is there for dealing with the deficit When they write a mammoth spending bill in secret and rush it to final passage before lawmakers have a chance to read and digest it, what are voters to think.

Phillips elaborates and discusses opportunities for Congressional Republicans to curb wasteful spending habits and pursue meaningful reforms:

The solution to our budget crisis is not to dun the taxpayer for the tab run up by politicians in both parties. The solution is for Congress to restrain itself.

One step the Republican leadership could take right now would be to employ the little-used rescission process to claw back some of the spending included in the omnibus. Instead of pursuing such genuine reforms, however, the House held a show-vote on a balanced budget amendment that had no chance and would not have cut a single dime off the deficit.

Phillips highlights the soon-to-be-addressed FY 2019 budget as one last opportunity this year for Republicans to get it right and prove to the American people that they are serious about cutting wasteful federal spending, stating:

The next budget deadline will present one more chance, just a few weeks before the midterm elections, for fiscally responsible lawmakers from both parties to give potential voters a reason they should be returned to office. Certainly, the recently passed “bipartisan” omnibus gives them no such reason.

Time will tell whether Republicans in Congress decide to put the American people first by passing a fiscally responsible budget, or whether they plan to continue kicking the can down the road, by joining the Democrats on a bipartisan spending spree.

Read Phillips’ full piece here.

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Michael Gerson: The massive failure of Christian political leadership – Tue, 29 May 2018 PST

Identity politics and tribalism have grown on top of this.” Ryan went on to talk about Catholic social doctrine, with its emphasis on “solidarity” with the poor and weak, as “a perfect antidote to what ails our culture.”

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