Japan eyes startup visa program to lure foreign businesses

Due to Japan’s aging population hitting retirement they’re running out of workers and new innovators to keep the country competitive. So they’re investigating a 1 year, narrowly focused, visa program to bring in new blood. Contrast that the US program where its used to let almost anyone in to force lower wages and natives out of work. Who do you think has the better idea? You can read the full article at Nikkie Asian Review (may be pay-walled for some people):

Japan seeks to lure foreign entrepreneurs with one-year startup visas, hoping to create competition for talent among localities to breathe new life into the economy.

The program, spearheaded by the trade and justice ministries, will take a pilot project national as early as fiscal 2018. It will be included in an economic package to be approved by the cabinet Friday.

The ministries are looking to revise related laws and ordinances, including those governing strategic special zones. Holders of startup visas will be allowed to reside anywhere in Japan for a year if they submit plans demonstrating that they can open offices and secure funding during their stays.

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Possible North Korea defectors may be occupants of skeleton-filled ghost ship found on Japan coast #NorthKorea, #Defectors #KimJongUn , #Defectors

A skeleton-filled ghost ship carrying the remains of eight ill-fated seafarers washed ashore on Japan’s North Korean-facing coast, the Japanese Coast Guard said Monday — days after the body of a suspected North Korean man and parts of another wrecked wooden craft were discovered on a Japanese island.

The grisly find could be evidence of desperate defectors trying a new route to freedom after despot Kim Jong Un has clamped down on those fleeing the Hermit Kingdom this year.

Full Article: FoxNews.com

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