Yes, Virginia, Medicaid Expansion Will Harm the Poor

Last week, Virginia’s general assembly voted to expand Medicaid under the auspices of Obamacare. The commonwealth’s legislators had wisely resisted doing so for years, but four GOP state senators broke ranks to vote for this bill in exchange for a provision stipulating an anemic work requirement. The “news” media have, of course, touted this betrayal as a victory for the poor. It is however, precisely the reverse. Expansion will consign thousands of truly poor and disabled Virginians to purgatorial Medicaid waiting lists while advancing able-bodied adults with incomes above the federal poverty level (FPL) to the front of the line.

Why would Virginia pursue such an obviously unjust policy? Like all Democratic programs, it’s about power and money. Obamacare incentivizes expansion states to shift Medicaid’s focus to able-bodied adults by paying over 90 percent of their coverage costs, while the federal share of costs for traditional Medicaid patients remains below 60 percent. This does not mean, however, that doctors and hospitals will receive more money. Providers will continue to be paid less by Medicaid than the cost of treatment whether the patients are expansion or traditional enrollees. The extra money will go to political slush funds and insurance companies.

Medicaid expansion doesn’t work like the original program, which was administered by the states as a safety net for poor children, pregnant women, the disabled, and the elderly. Management of Obamacare’s corrupted version of the program is farmed out to insurance companies. A typical example is Wellcare, which accrued over $10.6 billion in 2017 from its coverage of able-bodied adults. The company plans to reinvest $2.5 billion of that revenue in the acquisition of Meridian Health Plans of Illinois and Michigan, which will increase its Medicaid portfolio by 37 percent. Meanwhile, truly poor patients die on waiting lists.

This is not conjecture. A recent study, conducted by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), revealed that at least 21,904 Americans have withered away and died on Medicaid waiting lists in the states that expanded the program under Obamacare. Even worse, the 21,904 figure reported in the study almost certainly understates the true death toll. A number of expansion states were somehow “unable” to provide FGA with death totals, while others implausibly claimed that there were none to report. It is nonetheless clear that Medicaid waiting lists in expansion states constitute a kind of death row for the genuinely poor.

The worst carnage has occurred just north of the Beltway. Maryland is easily the deadliest state for traditional Medicaid applicants, chalking up no fewer than 8,495 deaths among individuals languishing on its waiting list. During the same time period, even as these patients were left to die, the bureaucrats of the Old Line State enrolled very nearly 300,000 able-bodied adults under the aegis of Obamacare. Louisiana took second place in killing its traditional Medicaid patients. The Pelican State reported 5,534 deaths among the unfortunates who wound up on its waiting list, while 451,000 able-bodied adults were enrolled under Obamacare’s expansion.

Additional states whose Medicaid waiting lists have killed a thousand or more people include New Mexico, where 2,031 poor and disabled patients died while the state signed up 259,537 enrollees under Obamacare’s expansion scheme. Michigan left 1,970 of its residents to die while enrolling 665,057 in its new and improved Medicaid program. West Virginia allowed 1,093 patients to die on its waiting list while signing up 181,105 able-bodied enrollees. The remaining expansion states are mere also-rans with death tolls ranging from Iowa’s paltry 989 down to Minnesota, which managed to leave only 15 of its poor and disabled citizens for dead.

This is the august company Virginia’s General Assembly chose to join last week. The Old Dominion will become the 33rd state to take Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion bait, demonstrating that the commonwealth’s politicians have learned little or nothing from the deadly experiences of the previous states that were gaffed by their own greed. Those Medicaid expansion states still have nearly 250,000 poor, disabled, and elderly individuals wasting away on waiting lists. Yet Obamacare advocates in Utah, Idaho, and Nebraska — blissfully unaware of the death tolls quoted above — are working to pass expansion in November via referenda.

Maine activists have already tricked the voters of the Pine Tree State into passing a referendum approving expansion, but the program hasn’t been implemented because Governor Paul Lepage has refused to go forward: “My administration will not implement Medicaid expansion until it has been fully funded by the Legislature at the levels DHHS has calculated, and I will not support increasing taxes on Maine families.” This speaks to one of expansion’s most profound ironies. Even if Washington continues footing most of the bill, herding the able-bodied into Medicaid is a budget buster for the states. It nearly broke Maine the last time they tried it.

Medicaid expansion under Obamacare privileges able-bodied adults with incomes above FPL, states can’t pay for it in the long haul, and it causes the genuinely poor to be dumped onto waiting lists where they quietly die in their thousands. Yet the Old Dominion’s newly-minted Governor, Ralph Northam, will gleefully sign an expansion bill into law this week as the leaders of his party and the media beam benevolently from on high. His name may even be uttered by the Great Mentioner as potential presidential material. For any Democrat, that’s certainly well worth a little inequity, the occasional budget deficit, and a few thousand human sacrifices.

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AlphaTalk: Should an abortion be prohibited when a fetal heartbeat is detected?

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Dog Takes 4 Bullets To Save Boy From Robbers, But The Family Didn’t Have The Money For Its Surgery

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but few have lived up to that claim as much as Rex. He’s a two-year-old German Shepherd that also happens to be an incredible hero! Rex belongs to the Mercado family in Des Moines, Iowa and was recently left home alone with 16-year-old Javier. The night was still and calm until Rex’s ears perked up and Javier knew something was wrong.

Burglars broke into the apartment moments later and Javier did the smart thing: he hid. He tried to encourage Rex to join him in the closet, but Rex heroically decided to save the day.

“Rex’s instinct to protect his home and his best friend took him downstairs and he attacked the burglars,” Javier’s aunt wrote on a GoFundMe page for Rex.

These robbers proved to be more dedicated than most and they managed to fend off the aggressive dog’s first wave of attack. But he would have the last word in the end!

“Both of the burglars struggled and beat him up with whatever they could,” she continued. “Rex stormed back to the upstairs floor all beat up and bloody from the beating to check on his master who was still hiding in the closet.”

The burglars didn’t stop with the downstairs and swiftly got closer and closer to the closet where Javier was hiding. Rex bolted out of the closet and began another attack, this time dealing some serious damage to these home invaders.

They managed to get off four gunshots with a pistol produced from one of their waistbands and every single one found the mark. Poor Rex was struck and bleeding profusely – without proper medical attention, this heroic pup had no chance of making it out alive. Unfortunately, the family didn’t have the funds to pay for the dog’s life-saving surgery.

Instead, the family setup a GoFundMe account on Rex’s behalf and were able to raise $62,000 for the surgery. Now Rex is healthy once more.

However, according to an update on GoFundMe, not all is well with the poor pup after the traumatic experience he went through. Apparently, he is suffering from PTSD and needs treatment from a vet psychologist. The family should have more than enough money from GoFundMe, but there is a catch.

“The family has not had any access yet to the funded money,” they wrote in the update. “We will continue to update you on this story.”

That was about 3 months ago, and there haven’t been any updates to the story since. We can only hope that Rex is happy and doing well now with the proper treatment, and that GoFundMe did indeed give the money that people donated to the family to them.

If platforms like GoFundMe have taught us anything, it’s that people have generosity in their hearts – especially if they feel an emotional connection with someone’s story. Rex here really needed the help and the internet came through in a huge way. Who knows what could have happened if he didn’t get that emergency medical attention.

Share Rex’s story now if you love this beautiful pup too!

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She Was Breastfeeding At A Restaurant When The Manager Tapped Her On The Shoulder

Many professionals that work with moms-to-be and new moms will tell them that breast milk is the best option to feed their babies when they are first born. They have consultants in the maternity wards of hospitals that work solely with new moms learning how to nurse their babies. It is also something that can help premature babies grow and develop in a healthy way so that they do not deal with long-term issues.

One of the problems with this is the way people view breastfeeding in public. It is difficult because babies don’t care where they are when they are ready to eat, they just know that they want to eat. Many people couldn’t care less if a mom was breastfeeding their child in public, but others have strong feelings about it. This was the case at a restaurant in Iowa.

Elizabeth Herzog was out at a local Red Robin in Davenport, Iowa, when her daughter Georgia was ready to eat. Georgia was born two months early so Elizabeth tries to feed her as often as possible so that she can get her weight up to average levels. While she was in this Red Robin, she began to breastfeed her daughter. Just as she began to feed her daughter, the manager came over to her and asked her to cover herself up.

As soon as this happened, Herzog immediately left the establishment. Before walking out the door, she made sure to teach the manager a lesson in the laws of the state of Iowa. The laws of Iowa protect breastfeeding moms in public and say that it is unlawful to discriminate or interfere in the process.

Herzog made sure to let everyone know about what happened, including Red Robin’s corporate office. A spokesperson for the restaurant chain recently released a statement saying that their employees of that location are being re-educated about these laws on breastfeeding. They went on to say that they would be happy to accommodate any breastfeeding mom and her child.

There are people on both sides of this topic. Some think that it is no big deal and others think that they shouldn’t do it in public. It is a natural process and no one should be shamed for feeding their child. Moms are usually very discrete about it and they do it in a tasteful way. Pope Francis, himself, has also taken a stand on the topic. He recently encouraged a group of moms who were visiting the Vatican to breastfeed whenever they needed to, wherever they needed to. Mind you, he made this announcement in the famed Sistine Chapel.

People need to relax and let moms feed their babies. There are some women who wear revealing clothing that show a lot more than what a mom shows while she is breastfeeding. Does anyone ever tell them to cover themselves up? If you think about it on a scientific level, women were given breasts so that they could this for their babies. We are called mammals because of the mammary glands within the female breasts.

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