Brian Stelter says Samantha Bee will address the controversy she created but about the WRONG WORD

CNN’s Brian Stelter reports that Samantha Bee is going to address a controversy she started by the use of a word. The only problem is that the word Stelter uses is not the word that created the controversy.

The word that started this was the c-word, not feckless.

Because the word feckless will get you every time.

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Starbucks CEO fake ‘quote’ directing patrons of color to skip in line was easy to believe. That says a lot.

If someone on Facebook claimed that Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson had just instituted a policy that would allow minorities to move to the head of the line at all of the coffeehouse chain’s outlets, would you believe it?

Some did, and that suggests Starbucks and other organizations like it have tread so far to the radical left that it’s virtually impossible to distinguish fact from fiction anymore.

Check out the original Facebook post that started this controversy below, and make sure to also read the attached comments:

Relax, it was fake. But some people really believed it.

“That’s it! Enough of this white Guilt CRAP! I don’t need coffee that bad!” bellowed one incensed Facebook user.

“I’ll take my white privilege somewhere else!” wrote another.

Sighs …

While it’s tempting to blame these users for being so susceptible to false information, perhaps the blame lies elsewhere.

In the wake of a Philadelphia-based Starbucks calling the cops on two black patrons two months ago after they refused to leave, the coffeehouse chain launched a “progressive” campaign to force left-wing dogma about “implicit bias” down its employees’ throats.

This despite the fact that loitering and trespassing on a private business are grounds for removal/arrest no matter what color you are. But all that apparently mattered to Starbucks was that the far-left was accusing it of being racist.

The notion of “implicit bias” is in itself very suspect, and studies have shown that so-called “implicit bias” training leads to no fruitful results. Starbucks was so desperate to appease the left-wing mob that it didn’t care, though.

Starbucks isn’t the first company (or government agency) that’s succumbed to the far-left’s nonsense, nor will it be the last. And when so many basic societal institutions fall prey to craziness, can you really blame everyday Americans for falling hook, line and sinker for the craziest brand of fake news? Not really.

(Labeled For Reuse Google Image)

If you think about it, it’s not really fake news that’s the problem, as the left would have everyone believe. It’s rather the ongoing deterioration of American society courtesy the left’s racial pandering,  political correctness and soft bigotry of low expectations.

Case in point: If someone told you that a university professor had demanded that his school stop hiring white people because “cis het white people need to lose more,” would you believe it?

If you answered no, then whoops, you got it wrong,  because that really happened!

What if someone told you that a singer had demanded that white audience members move to the back of an music festival? Is that fake news or real news?

Again, it’s real news.

Last but not least, what if someone told you that former President Barack Obama had revealed to the media that he “distrusts white people” because they lie so much? Is that fake or real news?

THAT is actually fake news, but in case you thought it was real, don’t feel bad!

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Sean Hannity has a surprising reaction to MSNBC host’s blog controversy

Fox News host Sean Hannity had a surprising reaction to the controversy around MSNBC host Joy Reid and her past blog posts – he says she deserves a second chance.

Here’s Hannity’s statement

The talk radio and cable news opinion host posted a statement about Reid on his website Friday after recent revelations from her controversial blog website surfaced.

“Over the last few days the conversation surrounding the comments made by TV personalities has dominated the news cycle,” Hannity said in the statement. “We have covered them as well, going over previous tweets, statements and on air opinions. One of these individuals, MSNBC’s Joy Reid, has now apologized for her previous blogs and commentary.”

Reid had first apologized when the posts were uncovered, then blamed a hacker, but recently apologized again without mentioning the dubious hacker when more posts were published.

“It’s good to see Joy (who is no fan of mine) starting to take responsibility for her past remarks,” he continued. “My suggestion is that she follows up with the groups and people who she offended, and learn from all of this. Her apology should be accepted, and she should be given a chance to make it right, and not fired.”

“We have all fallen short”

“Someone needs to take the lead in cable news and stop the ‘crush, fire them, and destroy hosts you may disagree with’ environment,” Hannity added. “I guess as the number one rated host in cable, I’ll start.”

“I am grateful for this microphone and the platform given to me everyday by my audience,” he said. “I am a believer in the freedom of speech for all Americans. I am also a believer in second chances.”

“And as someone who believes in forgiveness,” he concluded, “I have to say, we have all fallen short.”

Crush, fire and destroy

Hannity was referring to the campaign mounted by left-wing organizations to drive his advertisers away over various stories they painted as controversial. One such controversy exploded when Hannity pressed on with a false story about the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich – Fox News later retracted the story and the family has since sued the news network.

Here’s the CNN news video about the story:

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#MeToo controversy takes down Southern Baptist patriarch

Under pressure from the #MeToo movement, trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, have removed a president long praised for delivering the denomination from feminism. During a 13-hour called meeting precipitated by his past comments on women, divorce and domestic violence, trustees bestowed 75-year-old Paige Patterson the honorary title of president emeritus with compensation.

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Video: Michelle Wolf Talks the White House Correspondent’s Dinner on the View

Michelle WOLF sits down with the women of The View to discuss the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and the controversy surrounding her speech, & more on THE VIEW! Celebrating Season 21, “The View” is the place to be heard with live broadcasts five days a week. Hilary Estey McLoughlin serves as senior executive producer with Candi Carter and Brian Teta as executive producers.

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Starbucks’s Stupid Policy

When I lived in New York, and would give my houseguests tips for navigating the city on their own, I told them that yes, public toilets are hard to find, but if you buy something at Starbucks, you can use the toilet there. It’s worth it when you really have to go.

It has always struck me as a fair trade. No coffee shop in a heavily trafficked area can afford to let its bathrooms be used by anybody who walks in. In Manhattan, there would be a never-ending stream of tourists lined up in the joint, waiting to use the toilet, and buying nothing.

Besides, cafes, bars, and restaurants are not public spaces, in the sense that a park is. You want to use the facilities or hang out at Starbucks? Then buy something. Sit for hours if you like, nursing that cup of black coffee, but buy the thing. It’s only fair to the merchant. I will go work sometimes for hours in Starbucks, and only buy a single cappuccino. I consider that I’m renting the space — and given the price of their speciality drinks, I call it a bargain.

I’m afraid Starbucks has allowed itself to be bullied into adopting a policy that is going to ruin the experience of being there for lots of customers, especially in its dense urban locations. From the Wall Street Journal:

Starbucks Corp. tried to dig itself out of controversy Monday by attempting to clarify a policy toward nonpaying guests that generated an onslaught of weekend criticism.

The Seattle-based retailer on Saturday had said it would allow all guests in its U.S. company-owned stores to use its cafes, including its restrooms, whether or not they make a purchase. That announcement, which attracted some support, also drew complaints that cafes wouldn’t have enough seats for paying customers and would turn into homeless shelters and drug havens.

On Monday, Starbucks revealed more about the policy, telling The Wall Street Journal that employees now have detailed instructions on what to do if someone is behaving in a disruptive manner, such as smoking, using drugs or alcohol, using restrooms improperly or sleeping.

At issue, in essence, is whether Starbucks views itself as a business that caters to customers, or a quasi-public place generally welcome to all. The uproar, which follows the arrest last month of two black men who wanted to use a Starbucks bathroom in Philadelphia, demonstrates the unusual spot that the nation’s biggest coffee chain holds in American culture.

While many other restaurants and retailers also must manage the issue of lingering customers and nonpaying guests who come in to use restrooms, Starbucks has promoted itself as providing a “third place” between home and work where people can freely exchange ideas. It essentially pioneered the idea that is now generating controversy.

If the homeless, especially the mentally ill homeless, start to settle down in Starbucks shops, most of the paying customers will leave. This summer, if Starbucks stores in Manhattan fill up with tourists lined up to use the toilet, going there to drink coffee will be an unpleasant experience. So people will find other alternatives.

I’m in Starbucks a lot. I’d prefer to work on principle in CC’s, the locally owned chain, but the coffee is better at Starbucks. But if the new policy causes my local Starbucks to turn into an unpleasant place, I’ll just go to CC’s. So will everybody else.

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Lacey students have free gun range training

Gun-rights advocates organized a firearms training and safety event after Lacey High School’s controversy over a photo of students posed with guns. Lacey students have free gun range training Gun-rights advocates organized a firearms training and safety event after Lacey High School’s controversy over a photo of students posed with guns.

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Feature: Call to restore corporal punishment in Zambian schools causes controversy

LUSAKA, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) — Call by a local organization to reintroduce corporal punishment to instill discipline in schools has sparked controversy after such punishment was banned for more than a decade in the southern African country. Last week, the …

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