When They Said They Would Be Clogging, We Didn’t Know What To Think. Then The Music Started

If you don’t know what clogging is, you’re in for a treat. But if you do, you might be surprised to learn that eight clogging dancers were able to share moves that went viral on the internet. Viral videos come in all shapes and sizes. But often they revolve around cute animals or babies or they are clips of extreme situations that stun.

Clips showcasing talent can also be popular.

But for them to capture the attention of millions of people online (people are just a click away from the latest, greatest cat video), the performers need to be world-class – like make Simon Cowell burst into tears world class. And when you tune into this video, you’ll see why the dancers at the Tap This! dance group has attracted attention from all over the globe. Tune in and prepare to be clogged!

The award-winning dance group shows off the potential of clogging as they bang out their dance moves to Andy Grammar’s “Honey I’m Good.” And when you watch their moves, you’ll be impressed.

Because clogging is not a highly popular dance, Tap This! has given hope to young people everywhere. They have proven that if you dedicate yourself to your craft, you can rise to world-class status.

According to their online page, “Tap This! is a four-time national championship clogging team from Lincoln, Nebraska. The blending of different dance forms and percussive footwork gives a high energy performance that leaves audiences on their feet and wanting more.”

If that doesn’t make you want to go on a clogging video binge, then I don’t know what could!

The clip below gives you a taste of what these dancers are able to create. You can imagine how much more powerful their footwork would be if you were watching them in person. The video only captures part of the experience. And clogging is so much more than how they look on stage. Their choreography is spot on, and they’re full of energy and passion for the art of clogging.

While we’ve gone on a bit of a rant about clogging, you might not yet know what it is. But it is a type of dance performance that has a rich history that spans years. These dancers participated in the Clogging Champions of America. And on their website, the CCA describes more about the history of clogging and how it became a championship sport.

“Clogging Champions of America was formed in 1997 to generate more activity and interest in clogging and competition, to promote a spirit of fun and fellowship, and to make sure the beginner clogger will get to enjoy competing as much as the clogger who has been in it for years.”

The CCA also aims “to create an atmosphere of spirited and sportsmanlike competition, and to provide more opportunities for cloggers within the competitive and entertainment realms.”

Clogging can be a great activity and way for people to get exercise, meet like-minded people and have fun.

If you’re interested in cloggers, check out the video below and see how the champions do it!

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Conscientiously voting for sensible gun laws

The National Rifle Association once upon a time supported sensible gun control measures before becoming opposed to them when competing gun manufacturers began complaining about reduced market share. Isn’t it all too often about the profit motive!

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FL-Gov: Second-tier Democratic candidates in Florida are going after each other — and it’s nasty

Seeming to all but ignore the frontrunner, the two trailing candidates competing for the Democratic Party’s nomination for governor of Florida have launched attacks against each other.

What’s the story?

While Phillip Levine seems to hold a promising lead in the Democratic race, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham have started targeting each other.

A $782,000 television ad campaign run by a national PAC called “The Collective” accused Graham of voting to scrap Obamacare. The ad said in part, “Gwen Graham says she is the progressive candidate for governor but while in Congress she voted against President Obama 52 percent of the time.”

Graham denied this accusation, and responded, “I am disgusted that Andrew Gillum would allow a secret-money group to run a false attack against a fellow Democrat.”

Gillum shot back, claiming that he had nothing to do with the ad, but added that Graham’s defense told a story of its own.

“It’s crystal clear just how uncomfortable the Graham campaign is with the congresswoman’s own voting record,” Gillum spokesman Geoff Burgan said.

What else?

This is just the latest bout between the two campaigns. When a prominent Gillum supporter, Leslie Wimes, called Graham a “skank,” the national pro-choice organization EMILY’s List was among the national voices calling for Gillum to publicly denounce Wimes. Gillum’s campaign avoided denouncing Wimes, instead encouraging her to attack Graham for her record.

Wimes, meanwhile, slammed EMILY’s List for coming to Graham’s defense.

“So when a true progressive runs against a fake Democrat, EMILY’S List does nothing,” Wimes said. “But when someone who described herself as a ‘very conservative Democrat’ runs against a black man who’s a true progressive, they jumped in waist deep for her.”

Graham’s campaign has admitted that she once called herself a “conservative” Democrat but touted her low scores from the American Conservative Union to prove that she had fully embraced progressive policies.

The current governor, Republican Rick Scott, is legally barred from running for re-election under the state’s term limit laws, so the winner of the Democratic primary will face off against an as-yet-unchosen Republican candidate.

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USADA Begins Campaign to Recognize Clean UFC Fighters

Since the launch of the UFC Anti-Doping Program on July 1, 2015, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has administered more than 6,000 in-competition and out-of-competition tests of athletes competing in UFC. This month, USADA recognizes the first 19 UFC athletes who have reached 25 consecutive clean completed tests for their role in supporting clean sport.

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