Mongolians sip ‘oxygen cocktails’ to combat smog

ULAANBAATAR: Fed up with the smog in Mongolia’s capital, residents have resorted to sipping “lung” tea and “oxygen cocktails” in a desperate bid to protect themselves from pollution, despite health officials saying there is no evidence they work.

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Mongolians sip ‘oxygen cocktails’ to cope with smog

ULAANBAATAR: Fed up with the smog in Mongolia’s capital, residents have resorted to sipping “lung” tea and “oxygen cocktails” in a desperate bid to protect themselves from pollution, despite health officials saying there is no evidence they work.

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Three Study Resources for The Level 1 Technician Ham Radio License Exam

Five days from now I will visit my local library and sit for the Level 1 Technician Ham Radio License exam. I feel confident I will pass the exam largely from the help I received by three study resources below. Three resources I use to study for the Level …

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Negrini Case Sponsors the 119th Grand American World Trapshooting Championship

Negrini Luxury Gun Cases
Negrini Luxury Gun Cases

FORT SMITH, Arkansas –-( INTELCASE Co., distributors of Negrini luxury gun cases, announces their sponsorship of the 119th Grand American World Trapshooting Championship.

The 11-day event takes place August 1 – 11th, 2018 at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex (WSRC) in Sparta, IL.

The WSRC is comprised of 121 trap fields stretching over 3.5 miles. This is the largest participation shooting event in the world with an expected attendance of over 10,000 spectators and participants.

Negrini Cases will be in full effect during the Grand American supporting our Premier Dealers. We are featuring many sporting shotgun cases and accessories. Check out our dealers in vendor row such as Dawson Enterprises, Elite Shotguns, Gamaliel Shooting Supply, Gipson Quality Firearms, Jaquas Fine Guns, and Target Shotguns Inc. “Our extensive line of trapshooting cases are on display during the Grand American” said Jon Reddout, General Manager of INTELCASE Co. “We are excited again be part of this great event. I will assist our dealers and educate our customers what makes Negrini Case the lightest, strongest, luxury travel case in the industry.”



INTELCASE Company, LLC is the official importer of Negrini of Italy and distributes and markets the luxury cases throughout the Americas. Negrini of Italy has manufactured their exclusive, premium cases for over 31 years in Quistelo, Italy. Only Negrini Cases Combine state of the art composite engineering with brilliant Italian design and old-world hand finishing. All Negrini cases are fully luxury finished and carry a limited lifetime warranty. More details are available at or by calling 833-634-7464.

Once you’ve made an investment in your firearm, protect and transport it in style. Negrini cases are designed specifically for discrete carrying and specially constructed using a patented technology resulting in the lightest weight luxury cases certified for international air travel (IATA).
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ANTIFA Threatens ‘Revolutionary Violence’ and they Call Legal Gun Owners Dangerous?

I find it hilarious that the vast majority of liberals out there think that law abiding gun owners are more Dangerous than these ANTIFA fruit loops. Once more, what most of these head up their ass Politicians fail to realize are these millions of …

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The lack of movie ponytails proves the glass ceiling is real

Let me just begin by admitting that I’m taking the word of Katherine Timpf at National Review here because I have not seen the new Avengers movie. But Rebecca Jennings of Racked (?!?) has, and she’s not happy about it. I should probably also confess that I hadn’t run across Racked before either. Jones is a prolific writer, with recent articles including, Please Join Me In Being Furious About This Blazer along with Which Fruit Pattern Is the Horniest? and Incels Categorize Women by Personal Style and Attractiveness. (If you just had to Google what “Incels” means, please don’t feel too embarrassed. I did too.)

At any rate, Timpf is responding to a complaint raised by Jennings on the important subject of superhero movie heroines and female villains. Jones points out that most of the female characters have long flowing hair, but none of them put it up into a ponytail before entering battle. This, in the opinion of the Racked writer, is not only impractical from a logistical perspective but is also, wait for it… sexist.

Avengers: Infinity War broke presale box office records and had the biggest opening weekend of any movie ever. It combines characters from no fewer than 18 Marvel movies and an absolutely dizzying 76 superheroes and supporting characters, from Black Panther to Iron Man. But one thing you won’t be seeing a lot of when you watch the movie? Hair ties.

Which, to anyone with longer than shoulder-length hair who has played on a recreational soccer league as a kid, seems nuts. Aren’t these people, like, fighting each other? While doing flips and jumps and stuff? Even Violet Baudelaire, the protagonist of A Series of Unfortunate Events, famously had to tie up her hair with a ribbon in order to focus, which requires basically zero physical exertion.

Timpf, who I assume has more experience in the ponytail department that I do, took issue with this complaint.

Jennings actually admits that “comics are fun because they aren’t real life” — but apparently, she doesn’t see that that’s the entire point. Of course it would be tough to fight any kind of battle without your hair in a ponytail. Of course it’s difficult to do any kind of physical activity as a long-haired woman without your hair in a ponytail. But the fact is, comics aren’t supposed to reflect reality. They’re comics.

The long, mermaid-like hair on female superheroes is cool, and something that I very much wish I could achieve without hair extensions. I can’t, though — and very few can. Even fewer could fight any sort of battle (yes . . . including one with an elliptical) without tying it up. The whole thing is, that’s part of the fun of it. I also couldn’t defeat some kind of being with superpowers with my own superpowers because, well, I don’t have any. None of us do. The fun of superhero movies is imagining things that exist outside of reality, not mimicking it.

First of all, I’m guessing that Rebecca Jennings never saw any of the Tomb Raider movies because Lara Croft was famous for her waist-length ponytail. (Along with an incredibly tiny backpack which I assume she uses to carry a spare orange.) But that’s really not the point, is it? Most of the celebrity women who have long hair in real life never seem to show up on the red carpet with their hair in a ponytail or pulled into a bun. It’s because they want to look beautiful and long, flowing hair on an attractive woman looks beautiful.

It’s not as if the male characters are conforming to reality. If you’ve watched much of Iron Man (as played by Robert Downey Jr.) he doesn’t really need to worry about his hair. But he does have some issues with that suit he built. It takes off vertically, accelerating from zero to something approaching Mach 1 in the space of a few seconds. In real life, it would probably quickly tumble out of control and crash to the ground because if the initial g-forces hadn’t killed him, Tony Stark would have had most of his organs crushed into jelly. And while we’re on the subject, why does Spiderman have to have such a gym rat set of killer abs and a costume which displays them like he’s in a testosterone supplement commercial? Wouldn’t a nice Kevlar torso guard be more effective?

How the writer and director of these action movies style the hair of their female stars isn’t sexist. It’s a business decision. And much like racism, when everything becomes sexist, nothing is sexist. The entire population of the planet (or at least the male half) isn’t always as bad as you think we are. And as for the ponytail question specifically, this isn’t something pervasive. On that subject, Katniss Everdeen would like a word with you.

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Lou Dobbs and Andrew McCarthy Discuss the Special Counsel Mueller Counterintelligence Investigation

CTH: Andrew McCarthy discusses the origin of the feces.  Specifically, how Robert Mueller was not assigned a criminal investigation, but instead given instructions to continue the FBI counterintelligence investigation originated by FBI Agent Peter Strzok in 2016. This investigative framework is what Judge T.S. Ellis [Read More]

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National STEM crisis? Then why are girls entering college with superior academic qualifications in STEM than boys? – AEI – American Enterprise Institute: Freedom, Opportunity, Enterprise

We hear all the time about a “gender STEM gap,” a “shortage of women in STEM,” “gender inequality in STEM” and “female underrepresentation in STEM.” Click on those links for Google searches of those terms and you’ll find tens of thousands of links and references. In a 2009 NY Times interview, former astronaut Sally Ride called the “persistent gender gap in STEM fields a national crisis that will be deeply detrimental to America’s global competitiveness.” Further, Dr. Ride said that “children ages 10 to 12, especially girls, are the most susceptible to being ‘pushed off the track’ of pursuing science by negative stereotypes.” According to the AAUW:

Unconscious gender bias is a significant barrier to girls’ progress in STEM. Early education plays a critical role for girls’ development, setting the stage for their level of interest, confidence, and achievements, particularly in STEM. The messages they receive during their K–12 education play a large role in the decisions and choices students make later in life.

Wow! If young girls are really being “pushed off the track” of pursuing science by negative stereotypes and face barriers from unconscious gender bias, then how do we explain the overwhelming evidence to the contrary summarized in the table above, based on College Board data here for 2016 (most recent year available)?

At the high school level for college-bound seniors who took the 2016 SAT test, we have the following overwhelming evidence that high school girls are actually out-performing their male counterparts in both math and science and they, therefore, enter college with superior academic qualifications and background in STEM than boys. For example:

1. More high school girls than boys take four years (or more than four years) of mathematics courses, and more girls (55%) than boys (45%) take Advanced Placement/Honors math classes.

2. More high school girls than boys take geometry and algebra classes.

3. On average girls get slightly higher grades (3.24 GPA) in high school mathematics classes than boys (3.21).

4. Similarly, more high school girls than boys take four years (or more) of natural science courses, and more girls (56%) than boys take Advanced Placement/Honors science courses.

5. Girls are more likely than boys to take high school classes in biology (55%), chemistry (55%), physics (51%), and geology earth or space science (55%).

6. Girls get slightly higher grades (3.37 GPA) than boys (3.33) on average in natural science courses.

7. Overall, high school girls have higher GPAs on average (3.45) than boys (3.30) and are more likely than boys to graduate in the top 10% of their class (56% vs. 44%) and the next highest 10% (54% vs. 46%). Girls are far more likely than boys to earn an A+ GPA (97-100) — 150 girls have the highest GPA for every 100 boys (60% vs. 40%). For students earning A level GPAs (93-96), there are 156 high school girls for every 100 boys (61% vs. 39%).

Bottom Line: At the high school level, girls take more math and science classes than boys, they take more AP/Honors classes than boys, they earn higher GPAs overall and in math and science courses, and they are far more likely to graduate in the top 10% (and top 20%) of their high school classes. So if there is any unconscious bias against girls in science and math, gender stereotyping, or girls getting “pushed off the STEM track” it sure isn’t supported by the data above that demonstrates the impressive academic success in math and science courses by high school girls, who are far outperforming their male counterparts in STEM education and academic excellence.

Girls today are entering college with far superior academic qualifications and a better background in STEM classes than boys. Unless women suddenly face gender bias and stereotyping at the college level that didn’t exist in K-12, or existed but didn’t stop them from excelling in STEM classes, perhaps it’s then a personal choice of college degree programs that leads to female underrepresentation in certain STEM fields. While under-represented in engineering and computer science, females are nevertheless over-represented in many STEM fields like biology, health sciences, veterinary medicine, anthropology, zoology, pharmacology, genetics, biomedical sciences, etc. To the extent that there is a gender gap in STEM, it’s not universal and certainly doesn’t exist in all fields, and is limited to certain STEM fields. High school girls are excelling in math and science and are doing just fine continuing their academic success in the college degree programs that they voluntarily choose, both in STEM and non-STEM fields.

Q: Isn’t it time to stop with the “national STEM crisis” and “unconscious gender bias as a STEM barrier” hyperbole?


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Mueller's Russian Troll Farm Indictment Could Face An 'Embarrassing Dismissal'

On Friday, a new report suggested that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s February indictment against several Russian companies and over a dozen Russian citizens could face an embarrassing dismissal. The 37-page indictment alleges that three Russian companies and 13 Russian citizens used social media and other means to interfere with the 2016 U.S. elections.

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Vatican Official Forced to Resign over ‘Lettergate’ Scandal Gives Lecture on ‘Fake News’

Dario Edoardo Vigano, Vatican's prefect of the Secretariat for Communications and Director of Vatican Television Center, attends a press conference, on April 29, 2016 in Rome. / AFP / GABRIEL BOUYS (Photo credit should read GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)
The former communications director for the Vatican who was forced to resign after his office digitally altered a photo has delivered a talk on “fake news” at a high-profile conference in Rome.

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