Tories Avoid Defeat in Local Elections As Key Brexit Test Looms

Thursday’s council elections across England put Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May to a major electoral test since she lost her government majority last year.

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Expert Estimates Tories’ Possible Political Losses Amid Windrush Scandal

Sputnik spoke with Professor Christopher May, Professor in Political Economy at the University of Lancaster on 2018 Council Election to find out more about possible UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s political loses amid Windrush scandal and Brexit.

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Brexit Breakthrough Struck as Path Cleared for Tough Trade Talks

Bloomberg has some updates on Brexit:

The U.K. and the European Union struck a deal to unlock divorce negotiations, opening the way for talks on what businesses are keenest to nail down — the nature of the post-Brexit future.

The deal, struck before dawn on Friday after rushed talks through the night, clears the path to the start of trade talks between the U.K. and its biggest commercial partner. The EU was quick to put down a marker of where it thinks those talks are headed and it’s far short of what May wants.

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