Seattle’s new head tax may plug budget gap but won’t allow for additional spending on homeless

Last week I wrote about the passage of the $275 per person, per year head tax in Seattle. That tax, levied only on companies with annual revenues over $20 million, is intended to raise $47 million per year for new home construction and more services for the city’s homeless. There’s just one problem. According to Ben Noble, director of the city’s budget office, the city is already projected to spend more on the homeless than it is likely to take in. So far, that spending has been covered by taxes on construction which has been booming. But now that boom is expected to cool off, leaving a shortfall even if projected spending remains steady. From KUOW:

If current trends continue, Noble told the committee, Seattle will operate in the red in 2019, to the tune of $28.5 million.

Councilmember Sally Bagshaw asked Noble what city spending was blowing the budget.

Homelessness, Noble said, adding, “The demand for those services, far from declining, is continuing to increase.”

Noble told the Council that the city doesn’t have room in the budget for long-term spending on homelessness…

To recap: The city of Seattle overspent its budget on homelessness before the City Council voted on the head tax. Unless something changes, most of the money raised by the head tax will cover previous spending commitments — not new spending.

So the city with one of the worst homelessness problems in the nation just raised millions via a new tax which, most likely, will only cover what the city is already projected to spend. The vote to pass this new tax happened on the same day that the severity of the homeless problem was brought home for many people. On Monday, just hours before the head tax vote, a 24-year-old homeless man followed a 40-year-old woman into the bathroom at a car dealership and raped her. From KOMO News:

Christopher Teel is accused of following the 40-year-old woman into the restroom at Carter Volkswagen and locking the door, according to charges filed in King County Superior Court Wednesday.

Court documents say Teel, described as 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 250 pounds, forced open the woman’s stall door, grabbed her by the neck and pulled her out. She screamed, and he choked her, court documents say.

Teel told her “you want this, God wants this,” according to charges…

Court documents say the woman told police she “surrendered because I didn’t want to die.”

A homeless man named Chris Teel was photographed last November in a homeless camp. He had moved to the area from Texas. You can see several photos of him here. At least one area resident is describing the rape as the last straw:

Erika Nagy, a mother of two who lives in Ballard, said the rape is the final straw for her. She said she has taken her worries about safety, as well as her concerns about the drug needles she and her children have found, to City Hall. But, she said, no one has listened.

“I have every right to be mad,” Nagy said. “This is enough. I want my city back.”

A Seattle architect who has lived in the city since the 1970s wrote a piece for the Seattle Times today saying much the same thing:

The big problem is that for years we have had a city government that has ignored the needs and wants of the citizens they are supposed to represent, and instead listened only to relatively radical special-interest advocates that represent a fraction of Seattle residents. In the process, our city government has become bizarrely left-wing, routinely ignoring public opinion and advocating socialist ideology…

The city has spent hundreds of millions of dollars degrading the quality of life for most residents, all of it based on ideology, never sound analysis or evidence. There is no accountability for spending on homelessness, bike lanes, or streetcars, and at the same time, the basic responsibilities of city government – public safety, welfare, and infrastructure – continue to deteriorate…

The real question is why Seattle’s residents don’t rebel, and recall rogue politicians and pass initiatives to roll back ridiculous programs. I honestly do not know anyone in personal, work, neighborhood, or other contexts that agrees with any of the city’s major plans or programs in the last five years. On the contrary, most people are mad as hell…

Will this revolt grow, or are Seattle’s residents too lazy, complacent, or polite to take back control of their city? Are there any reasonable, moderate people and political groups preparing to run for office and put real public representatives back in city government?

Are residents finally getting sick of their far-left city council members spending like crazy while the city itself becomes one of the nation’s leading homeless encampments? I’ll believe it when I see it. If there’s one thing we can take from what is currently happening in Venezuela it’s that socialists rarely take the signals being sent by the market as a sign of their own failure. Instead, they inevitably see them as signs they haven’t gone far enough.

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Video: Mississippi Officer Turns Table On Attackers, Shoots One

I’ve said before that police have a tough job. Everything they do, they’re probably going to make someone mad. If they arrest someone or write them a ticket, they’ve made someone mad. If they just take a report, they’re making someone mad because all they can do is take a report. I mean, it’s like the poor folks can’t win for losing.

To top it off, there are people openly advocating for the murder of police officers in this country just because they’re police officers.

Recently, a couple of guys in Jackson, MS apparently tried their hand at killing a cop. It didn’t work out well for them.

The Maven provides some context:

The incident occurred just after 1 a.m. at a Valero gas station, when a Jackson police officer pulled over a white SUV for a traffic violation, WAPT reported.

The officer made contact with the driver, 30-year-old Elliot Reed. Reed’s brother, 26-year-old Chauncey Reed, was riding in the front passenger seat.

The officer was seen speaking with Elliot, while standing inside the open door of Elliot’s vehicle, surveillance footage showed.

Elliot then stepped out of the SUV, and a struggle ensued between him and the officer.

The officer grabbed Elliot around his legs at one point, and the men fell against the open door and a nearby vehicle.

Chauncey jumped out of the passenger side of the vehicle, and made his way towards the altercation.

The men struggled with the officer, and forced him backwards through a small space between the open SUV door and a nearby vehicle.

Elliot grabbed the officer, while Chauncey reached back inside the SUV.

He then drew out a weapon, and began shooting at the officer, The Kansas City Star reported.

It seems clear to me that the Reed brothers didn’t intend to let the officer walk away from the altercation. At one point, you see one of the men had gotten something resembling a firearm–an AK-pattern pistol from the looks of it–out of the SUV.

In other words, it sure looks from here like the officer’s life was in danger.

Luckily for the officer, he’s a policeman in the United States where we believe good guys should be armed. As such, he had an equalizer that allowed him to take on two large men effectively.

The results are clear. Good guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

I’ll take that score any day.

Now, unsurprisingly, there are those who think the officer was out of line by using his weapon. They’re convinced the Reed brothers were good boys who “didn’t do nothing” wrong. Damn the video showing Chauncey Reed exiting the vehicle and clearly attacking the officer. That alone condemns him. Regardless of what else was taking place, you just don’t do that.

If the officer was out of line for either the stop or trying to arrest Elliot Reed, you don’t get to jump him as he struggles with your brother. The moment you do, you now make it two-on-one.

Those who think the Reed boys didn’t do anything to harm the officer are lying to themselves. If the roles had been reversed, if two cops had done that to one of the Reed boys, what would they have thought? I think we all know the problem would be police brutality in their minds. The Reed brothers are getting a pass because they’re friends and family, not because they were necessarily right.

Which is why the family’s opinions of “good boys” is completely meaningless to anyone.

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