Big Corporation VS Alt Right Media – Kellogg’s Drop Breitbart Advertising

Kellogg's IconWe have the fight of the ages going on now. Kellogg’s recently dropped advertising Breitbart. Vanguard, the ad buyer for Kellogg’s, realized that Breitbart was in Kellogg’s buy group. Vanguard thought that Breitbart’s ultra-conservative stance would go against Kellogg standards so the news site was dropped from Kellogg’s ad rotation.

Since then Breitbart has waged a war on Kellogg’s for ‘supporting a liberal agenda.’ In response has setup a hash tag #dumpkelloggs and petition page with their side of the story. To date over 330,000 has signed the petition to boycott Kellogg’s products.

In response other advertisers are said to be removing their support from the Breitbart website in fear of being attacked. Currently the Kellogg’s Facebook page is flooded with negative comments from people who disagree with Kellogg’s position.


No one is in the wrong here. Kellogg’s has every right to drop advertising from whomever they want to. Breitbart has every right to attack Kellogg’s. But every decision has its consequences.

Each side is loosing customers and making enemies. Right now Breitbart is the only one that seems to be getting any positive press out of this. Kellogg’s just looks the big GMO producing corporate giant going against a the website popular with Kellogg’s core demographic.