‘Perennial Problem’: Why is Paris Adopting Its New Anti-Terror Law

New rules for combatting terrorism have come into force in France, replacing the state of emergency which had been in effect in the country for almost two years. Speaking to Sputnik, French commentators slammed the new legislation, saying it will be unable to effectively resolve the ever-present threat of terrorism.

Amnesty International representative Dominique Curis recalled that the French government had offered to adopt a new anti-terror law, which they said was a condition for putting an end to the state of emergency.

“But yesterday, the [French] Interior Minister declared that, if necessary, the state of emergency may be introduced once again. As we see, the government’s understanding of a state of emergency’s goals is contradictory and inconsistent,” Curis said.

Full Article: https://sputniknews.com/analysis/201711061058854026-france-law-terrorism-state-of-emergency/

Its easier to say that we’ll put our country into a continual states of emergency instead of dealing with bad immigration policies and no-go zones. We would have to admit we were wrong and look mean. Looking mean looses votes. So don’t deal with problem, deal with the symptoms.

Cancer will kill a patient if you just give them a treatment to make the pain less. Surgery and chemotherapy will hurt and scar the patient but will cure the sickness. How is this any different?

State of Mental Illness

Over the weekend there was a mass shooting in Texas. The media, as directed by the president, is currently blaming the shooting on mental illness. My first instinct was suggest it was an ANTIFA inspired attack due to timing. I believe now it maybe both.

Devin Kelley was in the U.S. Air Force until he received a bad conduct discharge in 2014 for beating his wife and child. A man with proclivity for violence has been removed from serving his country and now has no outlet for his aggression. His family has abandoned him as well as his country. This perfect fodder for anti-establishment group to feed on. Such a radical group would cease the opportunity like staving dog with a bit of fresh beef.

My question is: Is mental illness getting worse in the United States? If the illness is getting worse then what is causing it? We hear more and more about on our ‘trusted’ news source about the worsening issues. We see more and more commercials for drugs to treat symptoms. But where are the reports on how to treat the causes? To give the tools to deal with the illnesses?

My opion is that people generally need structure. In the early days its structure for survival: hunting, gathering, and war for resources. Then as mechanization and agriculture came into being it switched to religion. Regions were given to a common belief systems and prospered because of it.

Now a days we want for very little. Food and shelter is a government program away. Communication via Obama smart phone and entertainment through cable TV and the same phones has replaced religion. We no long have the common ties that bind us. We are unfulfilled. Is that emptiness inside people the real illness?

I personally believe connecting with God and people is what is needed. We need those connections to fill that void. Those connections will also support us in our low times. Let me know what you think.


After posting this I found an article that addresses some of the issues I discussed about.

Iowa cheerleader: I’d rather quit the team than quit protesting during the national anthem

Alyssa Parker and a few fellow college cheerleaders — all of them African American — sat inside the rec center a couple of weeks ago on the campus of Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa.
The rest of their cheer squad, the football team and a stadium full of fans were gathered outside for a home game Saturday, Oct. 21. "The Star-Spangled Banner” played and cued the crowd to remove their hats and stand at attention with hands on hearts. 
As Parker sat there, away from public view, she didn’t like the feeling in the pit of her stomach that accompanied the distant strains of the national anthem.

Public school in Minnesota requires English course aimed at eradicating white privilege

A public high school in Minnesota implemented a required, race-based English course aimed at eradicating “white privilege,” but it wasn’t billed that way to students or parents, according to a public policy organization.

“Pre-AP English 10 constitutes an abuse of parents’ trust, taxpayers’ money and — most importantly — vulnerable children,” Katherine Kersten, a senior policy fellow for the Center of the American Experiment, told Fox News. “Edina citizens should hold district leaders accountable for substituting political indoctrination for a real education.”

Majority Of Americans Want To Eliminate Diversity Visa Program

A new poll shows the majority of Americans want the Diversity Visa Program eliminated.
The survey by Pulse Opinion Research found 56 percent of Americans want to get rid of the visa program.
Only 33 percent of those surveyed said the program should be kept in place, while 11 percent said they were unsure about whether the program should be thrown out.

Sexually active students must be reported to law enforcement or state officials, Ore. school district says

Teachers and staff in the Salem-Keizer school district — which includes more than 40,000 students — were recently told that if they learn or merely suspect a student is sexually active, they must report it to law enforcement or state officials.
According to Oregon law, anyone under 18 years old cannot legally give consent, meaning all sexual activity between minors is considered sexual abuse. This policy, district officials say, stems from Oregon’s mandatory reporting and child abuse laws. But that seems to be a singular interpretation of the law. The Statesman Journal reached out to school districts around the state and found that not one of them had the same mandate.

Piugdemont: Spain jailing ex-Catalan ministers an ‘attack on democracy’

Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont on Friday spoke publicly for the first time since he became the subject of criminal prosecution by Spain this week — saying the legal moves are a strike against democracy.
Puigdemont fled to Belgium early this week after Madrid's top prosecutor said criminal charges might be coming over the region's failed attempt to secede from Spain.

Why There’s No Killer App for IoT

Every new technology trend brings speculation and talk about a “killer app” that will be the solution to all of our problems.
Tech publications and blogs produce countless articles searching for the “killer app” for the iPhone, the Cloud, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and of course, IoT. We’ve also even seen the same hype for development processes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that Agile is that silver bullet. Or maybe it was Lean, or Kanban? Hard to keep track.
But as a Product Manager, we can’t keep chasing the next big thing all the time. It’s true we need to understand where technology is going, but we need to be more pragmatic and realize there is no single “killer app” for anything. Particularly for IoT.

Pushed by spike in Chicago, U.S. rate for gun deaths rises for second straight year

The U.S. rate for gun deaths has increased for the second straight year, following 15 years of no real change, a government report shows.

Roughly two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides and those have been increasing for about 10 years. Until recently, that has been offset by a decline in people shot dead by others. But there's been a recent upswing in those gun-related homicides, too, some experts said.
In the past two years, sharp homicide increases in Chicago and other places that have been large enough to elevate the national statistics. According to the FBI's raw numbers, the tally of U.S. homicides involving guns rose to nearly 11,000 last year, from about 9,600 the year before.

So cities and states with the harshest gun control laws have to high rates of gun deaths?  It like you're keeping guns out of the good guys's hands but not stooping the law breakers.  Don't law breakers worry about breaking the law?

Jeff Sessions keeps forgetting and forgetting and forgetting about Russia and the 2016 election

Jeff Sessions' memory isn't exactly stellar. Particularly when it comes to what he knew about interactions between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia.
That's a problem — especially when you are the nation's top law enforcement official.
Here are three major occasions — collected by the one and only Marshall Cohen — in which Sessions either forgot or misremembered important details about contacts between Russia and Trumpworld.