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Finland is killing its world-famous basic income experiment

Since the beginning of last year, 2000 Finns are getting money from the government each month – and they are not expected to do anything in return. The participants, aged 25–58, are all unemployed, and were selected at random by Kela, Finland’s social-security institution.

Instead of unemployment benefits, the participants now receive €560, or $690, per month, tax free. Should they find a job during the two-year trial, they still get to keep the money.

While the project is praised internationally for being at the cutting edge of social welfare, back in Finland, decision makers are quietly pulling the brakes, making a U-turn that is taking the project in a whole new direction.

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Democratic Presidential Candidate Want to Make Nearly 4 Trillion Dollar Give Away Program

Yang want to give away a lot of money with not solid plan fund his plan.

In an CNBC article Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang wanted to have the US government give away $1,000 a month everyone in the country. According to 2017 Census there were about 325.7 million people. Which amounts to 3.9 trillion dollar with no plan on how to pay for it. The only ways this give away could be paid for: cut government programs, print more money to devalue the dollar, or issue more bond pushing us more into debt.

Global Warming is Causing Global Cooling and Volcanos

You are probably saying how the heck can that be? Simple logic is how and some history. Here are two seeming unrelated articles:

Climate change is slowing Atlantic currents that help keep Europe warm

The ocean currents that help warm the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America have significantly slowed since the 1800s and are at their weakest in 1600 years, according to new research my colleagues and I have conducted. As we’ve set out in a new study in Nature, the weakening of this ocean circulation system may have begun naturally but is probably being continued by climate change related to greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change could trigger volcanic eruptions across the world, warn scientists

Besides having a disastrous impact on sea levels and weather, a warming climate could also trigger catastrophic volcanic eruptions across the planet

Volcanic eruptions alter the climate by spewing smoke and ash into the atmosphere, but scientists now also think the opposite might be true – changes in climate could actually cause volcanic eruptions.

Global warming is supposedly making the oceans colder. While at the same time warming Arctic glaciers further cooling the oceans. All of this will cause the Volcano’s to erupt like when asteroid crashed into the Earth, blackened the skies, and killed the dinosaurs. But have you asked yourself, what happens when volcano’s erupt? Soot, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide are blown in the atmosphere.

Yes centuries worth carbon dioxide which should trigger the cycle all over. The soot from mountains exploding can stay on the air for 6-12 months  cooling the Earth. Have you heard of ‘The Year with a Summer?’ We’ve had several were a single volcano erupted and made the whole world cool for a year.  I remember the one in ’91.  I took job working at a beach.  One week I only earned a paycheck of 92 cents because no except lake gulls and geese were there.  Question what you are told bold in your decisions.

Prove It! Norway Prepares to Strike Fake Family Immigrants With DNA Tests

The Norwegian government aims to give immigration authorities the right to demand the DNA testing of persons claiming that they are related to Norwegian citizens in the family immigration process. Previously, cluster sampling revealed cheating in about 40 percent of cases.

In a bid to stop widespread cheating with family immigration, the Norwegian government has proposed amendments to the Children’s and Citizenship Acts.

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Brisbane flu virus one of the most dangerous in the world

Brisbane may be known for its sunny weather and XXXX beer, but it has been given an inglorious honour by the World Health Organisation (WHO) today.
The global health body says a deadly flu strain, which originated in the Queensland capital, is one of the most dangerous in the world.
It means the killer influenza B bug, dubbed the Brisbane virus, will be included in this season’s four-strain vaccination.

Are baby boomers returning to religion?

Many in the baby boomer generation — known for ushering in an era of protests that brought about transformative change in American society — are increasingly turning to churches, temples and mosques to find meaning in their later years of life.
This is the major finding from the latest wave of data collected from the Longitudinal Study of Generations, which was originally developed in 1970 at USC by then-assistant professor Vern Bengtson.

CBS is getting desperate All-Access

In what seems like a paid ad on Mashable CBS has announce its expanding it's trial week to a trial month.  One is left to wonder if the new Star Trek series no longer pulling in the number it was. Perhaps the pay wall on content that is 20 years old (CSI makes me feel ancient now) is not really that much of a draw.  Honestly the only way old shows can make it is living on a network like Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix.  Let them handle the network and distribution issues.  Otherwise make it a public that run ads like Crackle.  

Single network subscriptions haven't worked out well in the inter-web-space unless your station has highly specialized content. I'm looking at you YouTube Red.

What’s the Deal With Complete and Incomplete Protein—and Does It Even Matter?

If you’re a big fan of quinoa, or chia seeds, you may have heard them touted as complete proteins. In a nutshell, that means they contain all of the nine essential amino acids required to build and repair protein tissues in the body. But the question is: does that matter? 
The short answer is no, not really. But first, let's back up a step.
Animal-based foods like eggs, dairy, fish, and meat are complete proteins; while most plant foods are incomplete—meaning certain amino acids are missing from the protein puzzle.