H.R.6393 – Intelligence Authorization to Shut Down Any Media the Government Doesn’t Like

US ConstitutionWhat is H.R.6393?

Its a bill passed by Congress that can jail anyone giving misinformation about any government official or government entity based on a foreign power. Sounds reasonable right? We’re protecting our people from misinformation and fake news. Because people are not smart enough to figure things out themselves, Not so much.

Contrary to what the main stream medium says people most are pretty smart.  Do you remember how those WikiLeaks emails from John Podesta where all other the internet? The main stream media kept saying those leaks came from Russian hackers. With this new bill if you mention any of those emails you are now guilty of treason.

That’s right. Even of the information is true AND there is no conclusive proof that the emails came from a foreign entity you can be imprisoned for life. Who decides if the information really can froma from a foreign entity?  The people putting you into jail makes that call.

This meant to shut down the Alt Media and scare bloggers.  A lot of secrets got exposed this election cycle. The government wants to get control of the flow of information on the internet.  This is thier first step to do just.

There is no way this could hold against the Constitution. But someone is going to have to be the martyr to prove this out. Which means years in prison. These kind of tactics have to be stood up to. The Exile News Service will stand as long as it can.

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