Trump Inauguration Singer Asks To ‘Enlighten’ Him On Transgender Rights

What she doesn’t understand is that Obama oversteep his power. His job is to follow the Constitution and protect the country as a whole from foreign and domestic threats. Transgender individuals have the same Constitutional rights as any other individual.

If there a specific question on transgender verse monogender rights that should be decided at the state level, not the federal level. The federal government has overstepped it bounds far to often.

Jackie Evancho, who sang the U.S. national anthem at President Donald Trump’s inauguration last month, has asked him to sit down with her and her transgender sister to learn about the challenges for students struggling with gender identity.


Evancho, 16, requested the meeting in a public Twitter message to the president late on Wednesday, minutes after his administration revoked landmark guidance to public schools to let transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice.


“I am obviously disappointed in the @POTUS decision to send the #transgender bathroom issue to the states to decide. #sisterlove,” she wrote from her account, @jackieevancho. (Direct link to tweet)

Source: One America News Network / Reuters

Who are the creators of mysterious Ramallah signs in favor of one-state solution?

Someone put up a bunch of billboards pushing for a one state solution. This would eliminate the Palestinian state and for the more part put Israel back in full control of the area. The signs are controversial because a culture feels its losing it’s sovereignty even though the two state solution was never finalized. Right now no one knows who put the signs up.

The signs, which surfaced at the entrance to Ramallah on Thursday, sparked a controversy in the Arab world and angered supporters of a two-state solution. The source of the posters remains a mystery.



Commuters in Ramallah were greeted on Thursday morning with signs bearing a strong statement regarding the possible resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The signs, which boldly called for a one-state solution, read: “If the option is between one state or two states… Then the choice is one state.”



It remains unclear who created the posters in question, which were hung around Kafr ‘Aqab, a Palestinian Arab neighborhood in east Jerusalem some 10 km away from Ramallah.

Swedish workers could be given paid ‘sex breaks’ to improve well-being

Why would Sweden worry about low birth rates?  I thought they had an explosive immigration growth?  The ONLY reason they would want to increase birth rates would be to save their current culture.  The influx of immigrants are diluting or destroying the current culture.  So you encourage your current population to out produce the immigrants and hope save you current culture.

Sweden is about collapse in on itself. The people they are letting in are not producing what the original population was.  Many of them are bringing in destructive cultural beliefs.  You have to only allow the best to come in and build your country, not the worst.

Workers in Sweden could soon be allowed to take paid “sex breaks” during the day – in a bid to improve low birth rates and promote healthy relationships.


A councillor in the northern town of Overtornea presented a motion asking that the area’s workers be given an hour during the day to go home and be intimate with their partners.



“There are studies that show sex is healthy,” Per-Erik Muskos, a 42-year-old city councillor, told AFP after presenting the motion to the council on Monday (20 February).

Source: International Business Times

Fake News Site Lets Liberals Live In Alternate Reality Where Hillary Is President

This really scares me.  This Augment Reality signals that anyone can live in their own personal Matrix.  What happens when this website stopped updating?  Who do they blame?  What of they’re directed to commit violence against a group?  They live in reality where what they believe is true.

Of they commit a deadly act can they be prosecuted?  Would they be considered legally insane or would living in an alternate reality state be considered a valid state.  Are they even guilty then?

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Liberals seeking refuge from reality now have a fake news website where they can pretend to live in a world where Hillary Clinton is president.



“Approval ratings for President Clinton hit 89 percent,” “Confused by fake news, Redditers think Trump is president” and “DOJ considers charging Trump with treason” are just a few headlines featured on, a satirical news site devoted to covering stories from an alternate universe where Hillary won last November’s election.

Source: Daily Caller

Life expectancy study shows many likely to live beyond 90 by 2030

That means that Social Security will have to support more people longer and mandatory retirement age will also have to be raised.  IE people will have to lose their entitlements.  It’s a political nightmare for elected officials.

Average life expectancy will rise in many countries by 2030, breaking through 90 years in some places, and policymakers need to make more efforts to plan for it, according to a large international study.


South Koreans are likely to have the highest life expectancy in the world by 2030 and the United States one of the lowest among developed countries, the study showed.

Source: The (UK) Telegraph


Harrison Ford Taxiway Landing Video

This why after a certain age you should be re-certified for any kind of motorized vehicle.  According to AAA it somewhere between 70-74 years of age.  See pages 5 and 6 on this pdf.

Harrison Ford‘s taxiway landing last Monday was caught on video, and it promises to be the centerpiece of the FAA investigation.


The video was captured by cameras trained on the runways at John Wayne Airport in Orange County. It shows Ford’s approach which came dangerously close to an American Airlines 737, which was on the taxiway when the actor’s plane passed overhead.



Democratic Socialists make headway in U.S. after Trump’s win

The more extreme of one side will always bring out the extreme of the otherside.  Its called polarization.  Does that mean opposites attract?

For David Green, head of the Detroit chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Donald Trump’s victory in November was both distressing and cause for optimism in his quest to pull the Democratic Party to the left.


“We need a party that’s open to progressive forces, and that’s why we have to elect progressive leadership within the party,” Green said, while attending the Michigan Democratic Party’s spring convention in Detroit earlier this month.


Membership in the DSA, founded in 1982, has surged since Trump’s election on Nov. 8, putting the movement in a position to make inroads on the Democratic Party’s energized left. The membership gains are fueled by supporters of Bernie Sanders, the U.S. Senator from Vermont who sought the Democratic presidential nomination last year.


TSA allows Kennedy Airport passengers to walk through security checkpoint without being screened

That’s  your government not at work.  That’s why we need to privatize airport security.  If this happens with a private company they either get fired and you get a better provider in.  Or they don’t get paid for the poor service.

No lines. No waiting. And no TSA screeners.


Eleven passengers strolled through a security lane without being screened at Kennedy Airport early Monday after Transportation Security Administration agents left the area unsupervised, law enforcement sources said.


Instead of following protocol and notifying Port Authority cops, it took the TSA two hours to tell police about the frightening breach, the sources add.

SOurce: New York Daily News

‘Thank you, Jesus’: Morning Joe’s Chorus of Praise for McMaster Pick

If you watch the video most of the other people on panel said that McMaster  would bring chaos.  The fact that McCain likes this guy scares me a lot.

Mike Barnicle, of all people, set the tone for the opening segment of today’s Morning Joe, exclaiming “thank you, Jesus” in response to President Trump’s pick of H.R. McMaster to take over from Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser.


The segment was one belated Valentines Day bouquet of praise of McMaster, coming from members of the panel itself as well as in quotes from a bi-partisan array that included several critics of the president, notably including John McCain.

Source: Legal

Neil Gorsuch & Marijuana: What Are His Views on Legalization?

Neil Gorsuch & Marijuana: What Are His Views on Legalization?


neil gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch (Getty)

President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, hails from Colorado, a state known for marijuana legalization and being a strong proponent of state’s rights over the federal government. Has Gorsuch said anything about his views on legalization?


Here’s what you need to know.


There’s really not a lot to go on when it comes to determining Gorsuch’s views on marijuana. There’s little evidence for how he feels about this topic.

However, there is one case that can provide a few clues. As New York Daily News reported, Gorsuch once ruled on a case in 2015 where a Colorado dispensary, Total Health Concepts, had to pay taxes on business expenses that they had previously deducted. The dispensary claimed that they shouldn’t have to disclose the nature of their business, due to self-incrimination. They argued, among other things, that because the government couldn’t know if their expenses were related to federally unlawful substances, they shouldn’t be prevented from making those deductions. (You can read the case in full here.)


Gorsuch and the judges on his panel denied the motion. But he did state that he believed the problems was caused by confusion from President Barack Obama’s administration saying it wouldn’t prosecute offenders, but the IRS not treating marijuana the same way.


In the beginning of the case, he wrote:


This case owes its genesis to the mixed messages the federal government is sending these days about the distribution of marijuana. … They run the business [dispensary] with the blessing of state authorities but in defiance of federal criminal law. … Even so, officials at the Department of Justice have now twice instructed field prosecutors that they should generally decline to enforce Congress’s statutory command when states like Colorado license operations like THC. At the same time and just across 10th Street in Washington, D.C ., officials at the IRS refuse to recognize business expense deductions claimed by companies like THC on the ground that their conduct violates federal criminal drug laws. … So it is that today prosecutors will almost always overlook federal marijuana distribution crimes in Colorado but the tax man never will.”

So he made it clear that he didn’t agree with the mixed messages, but never stated which side of the debate he sided with.


The only other “hint” we have is an article written by “The Joint Blog,” where the author states that a former student of Gorsuch asked if he supported legalization. He recounted that Gorsuch said, at the very least, he supported the government getting out of the business of prohibiting it. However, this statement is obtained third-hand, and Gorsuch hasn’t yet spoken publicly about his views to media.


Neil Gorsuch’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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